Premium subscription and one time purchase options

You have two options to pay for GenoProX; an upfront one time payment or a Subscription based system.

With the upfront payment you get:

  • Lifetime ownership of the licence you purchased for 1 PC or MAC (mobile apps need to be purchased).
  • 3 to 6 GenoShare Membership Months to use our collaboration and communication tools.
  • 3 to 10 Genoshare GenoTokens to share with friends and family.
  • Option to purchase future upgrades of the license you acquired.

The Premium Subscription payment system, includes:

  • Low yearly payments, no upfront purchase necessary.
  • Installation on 2 PC’s or MAC’s.
  • Mobile apps free.
  • GenoShare Membership included for 2 users.
  • Software always up to date.
  • 5 GB of secure encrypted storage.
  • Premium Support.
  • 5 Monthly Premium GenoTokens per year

Health Journal

Our new feature, the Health Journal, is a private secure place to save all your medical history within your GenoProX profile.

No hassle, simple to share, easy to manage repository of information with a platform designed to develop very powerful analytic tools.

  • Save any medical data including blood tests, scans, prescriptions, Genetic profiles, etc. Simply copy any file format sent from doctors, hospitals, labs or your own scaned documents into the Health Journal.
  • The Health Journal will be a platform capable of adding analytic tools to manage the data.
  • You can share part or all of the Health Journal with your doctor or health institution.
  • Your Doctor and medical institution, using GenoProX Health, can add data directly to your Health Journal.
  • Kept in a private secure server where YOU own the data.

GenoShare Membership

A paid subscription based platform that includes:

  • Complete real time collaboration tools to edit a family tree or Genogram.
  • Private, secure, encrypted text, voice and video chat with any other member of your platform.
  • Private Family Social Network where you will be able to share posts, pictures, videos, invites, surveys and polls.
  • Private encrypted storage on our secure servers.
  • $1 per month annual commitment for those who bought the one-time purchase option
  • Included in the Premium Subscription.

Premium GenoToken

The Premium GenoToken can be shared with anyone you wish. It will give Premium Ultimate access for 1 month. Premium Ultimate includes:

  • GenoProX Ultimate Software
  • Installation on 2 PC’s or MAC’s
  • Mobile apps free
  • GenoShare Membership included for 2 users.
  • Unlimited private encrypted text, voice and video chat.

Mobile apps

GenoProX will run on all mobile platforms. The mobile apps will be sold applications with all the features and capabilities of our desktop applications. Mobile apps are included for free on all the Premium subscriptions and GenoProX Business and Enterprise

Family Private Social Network

  • Share important events, posts, pictures, videos, chat, video conference and make invites with interactive RSVPs, polls, etc.
  • Secure, encrypted space.
  • Intuitive easy graphical interface to manage groups so you are always in control of who see’s what.
  • You own the data posted, it will never be sold, will never be public without your consent.

GenoProX Enterprise

Building on our Enterprise solution expertise and the GenoShare platform we are bringing new exciting tools into the GenoProX Enterprise version:

  • Multiplatform, PC to MAC to mobile
  • Health Journal management tools
  • Private Server options
  • Auditing tools
  • Full collaboration tools
  • Private corporate Social Network (share: posts, pictures, videos, invites, surveys and polls)
  • Unlimited text, voice and video chats
  • Secure private storage
  • Premium support via the built-in chat system
  • Always up to date through our subscription based offering

GenoProX Ultimate

This version of our software is an “all in one” package. You get all the tools from GenoProX Family put together:

This is for our most passionate users who believe, as we do, that Genealogy, the GenoPro way, can unlock tremendous potential in our lives and those we care the most about.


GenoProX Pedigree

Tailored for the Animal Kingdom. You will be able to develop complete Pedigree Trees of any animal in the planet. Developed for all types of users, from animal lovers to professional breeders. Specialized tools manage certicates, Health, history, etc. With our powerful collaboration platform you will easily be able to create and maintain complex trees.

GenoProX Health

We want Genograms and Genealogy to go beyond therapy into mainstream Health. GenoProX Health is a subscription based software tailored for the medical community.

Doctors will be able to view the Health Journal of any patient who authorizes it through GenoPro, as well as access the family health history and genograms. Medical data can be stored directly in the Health Journal of each patient. Doctors can store the medical records of all their patients even if they do not have a Health Journal of there own. All information is kept in a secure private encrypted server.

Doctors can motivate their patients to get GenoPro and update their own Health Journal. Thus promoting a comprehensive private and secure method of having quick access to the patient's full medical track record and medical Family history, improving prognosis. Only the information each patient wants to share will be displayed, therefore handing the control of privacy to the individual.

As the medical community adopts this new platform they are contributing to create a world database of Genogram and Health information that can be used to better assess illness and to greatly improve research on Health issues.


GenoProX Student

Students can get the complete set of tools provided by GenoProX Expert as well as the GenoProX Membership at a special price. GenoProX Academic Licenses for educational institutions are also available.


GenoProX Expert

Has all the new enhanced versatility of GenoProX Family and adds the Genogram capabilities, great for advanced genealogists, academia, therapists, social workers, communities, child adoption services, and hospitals.

Combine the Health journal with GenoShare and you now have a complete Family Health history that can be shared and prepare you to live the best possible future.

With its new powerful collaborative/sharing tools provided by GenoShare Membership and the Health journal we will revolutionize the way you create, share and use genograms in the Health community.

GenoProX Premium Expert

All new subscription option to purchase GenoProX Expert:

GenoProX Free

Share the strength of the GenoShare collaborative platform by inviting your Family members to use GenoProX. They will be able to view the Family tree, update their profile and Health journal. They will also be able to use our encrypted private chat tool.

GenoProX Family

The best user friendly genealogy software in the market, just got better, perfect for hobbyists yet built to handle the most complex professional family trees.

At the heart of GenoProX is a new revolutionary collaboration platform GenoShare.

Running on a stunning graphical interface that will work multiplatform from PC to Mac to Mobile. You will be able to easily invite family members that can edit the same document simultaneously.

We also believe that heritage can help live a healthier life through a better understanding of your genetic progeny and by safekeeping your Health history. Our new feature, the Health Journal, is a private secure place to save all your medical history within your GenoProX profile.

No hassle, simple to share, easy to manage repository of information with a platform designed to develop very powerful analytic tools.

GenoProX Premium Family

All new subscription option to purchase GenoProX Family.