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Explore the ties that bind you together…. that we have done for 10 years very successfully.

GenoPro has been the leader in Genealogy/Genogram Software for the last 10 years. Translated into 30 languages, and sold in over 140 countries. Used by thousands of therapists and social workers in the health community.

We are the only site license provider in the industry, installed in more than four hundred Health Enterprises, County Offices, City Councils, Hospitals and Nonprofit organizations around the world. Over 150 universities purchased our academic site license with more than 3200 professors enrolled into our academic program. Now we invite you to use your heritage to embrace the present and prepare for the future; we are introducing two unique revolutionary concepts in the all new GenoProX: GenoShare and Health Journal.

We will be a family of products tailored for your needs.

GenoProX Family

GenoProX Family: The best user friendly genealogy software in the market, just got better, perfect for hobbyists yet built to handle the most complex professional family trees.

At the heart of our new product is a new revolutionary collaboration platform; GenoShare, running on a stunning graphical interface that will work multiplatform from PC to Mac to Mobile. You will be able to easily invite family members that can edit the same document simultaneously.

We also believe that heritage can help live a healthier life through a better understanding of your genetic progeny and by safekeeping your health history.

New Feature: Health Journal

Welcome to the Health Journal. A private secure place to save all your medical history within your GenoPro profile. No hassle, simple to share, easy to manage repository of information with a platform designed to develop very powerful analytic tools.

Combine the Health Journal with GenoShare and you now have a complete family health history that can be shared and prepare you to live the best possible future. Which takes us to our next innovation:

GenoProX Expert

GenoProX Expert has all the new enhanced versatility of GenoProX Family and adds the genogram capabilities, great for advanced genealogists, academia, therapists, social workers, communities, child adoption services, hospitals, etc.

With its new powerful collaborative/sharing tools provided by GenoShare and the health journal we will revolutionize the way you create, share and use genograms in the health community.

New Feature: GenoShare Membership

Beyond GenoProX….taking Genealogy to a whole new level.

In GenoPro we believe a Family tree is much more than exploring where you came from….we believe it is a journey to discover and share the present with those closest to you: your family.

In 2017, built over our new platform, we will introduce the first Family Private Social Network: GenoShare Membership.

GenoShare Membership is a brand new platform that lets you share important events, posts, pictures, videos, chat, video conference and make invites with interactive RSVPs, polls and much more, in a private, secure, encrypted space. Imagine sharing your most precious moments, strengthening the bonds of those close to you and creating ties with newly discovered family members around the world.

You will be able to see posts from newly found cousins and keep in touch with your closest family members no matter where they are; share a new birth, a wedding or any special event that occurs in your family around the world.

We are placing special emphasis on an intuitive easy graphical interface to manage groups so you are always in control of who see’s what.

All of this with total peace of mind that what is shared is your property, it will never be sold, will never be public without your consent. You are not the product that is sold to advertising agencies. You have complete control of your information.

New Feature: GenoShare

With GenoShare technology you will be able to go back to any point in time and check out any individual post.

Furthermore you can see how your whole family tree grew over time in a rich graphical format. Think of it as a family photo album that brings to life the evolution of your family over time.

But we did not stop there…..we take Genograms to a whole new level

GenoProX Health

We want Genograms and Genealogy to go beyond therapy into mainstream health, welcome to GenoProX Health, a software tailored for the medical community.

Doctors will be able to view the Health Journal of any patient who authorizes it through GenoProX, as well as accessing the family health history and genograms. Furthermore, they can store all relevant medical data directly in the Health Journal of each patient, and manage ALL their clients records, even if the patient does not have a Health Journal, kept in a secure private encrypted platform.

No more messy file rooms or hard drives full of PDF’s hard to find and manage. Doctors can motivate their patients to get GenoProX and update their own Health Journal. Thus promoting a comprehensive private and secure method of having quick access to the patient's full medical track record and medical family history improving prognosis.

Only the information each patient wants to share will be displayed, therefore handing the control of privacy to the individual.

As the medical community adopts this new platform they are contributing to create a world database of genogram and health information that can be used to better assess illness and to greatly improve research on health issues.

Help us continue revolutionizing the space, support us by visiting the Re-GenoStart crowdfunding page.


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