GenoPro 2020

The best genealogy software for drawing family trees and genograms.

We have a brand new Medical History Panel which allows you to keep history of Medical Records of each individual in the genogram. You can record vital signs, images, symptoms, diagnosis, and more.
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Included with the new Medical History Panel, we have included new Custom Medical Tags. With the custom tags, you can add any custom field that you wish to the Medical History Panel, giving you outstanding flexibility.
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The new Medical History Panel can create automatically new icon labels on your genogram related to the results of tests. These new icon labels can help you track viral infection propagation.
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New Criminal History

GenoPro 2020 also includes a new Criminal History Panel which allows you to enter general criminal history information and label an individual as being incarcerated allowing the viewer to quickly identify incarcerated individuals.
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The Problem Spotter is a great to find errors in your family tree. It runs automatically in the background looking for potential issues or errors you might have in your family tree or genogram.
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The Picture Mode is a feature turning a regular family tree into a picture tree. It's a great way to show a tree to someone who knows the faces but not the names.
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The Contextual Toolbar is great feature that helps you build and expand your tree quickly by displaying common tools to add parents, spouses and children to a selected individual or family.
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The already powerful Report Generator has many improved templates that generate reports in HTML with picture albums, timelines, birthday calendars, interactive SVG and to generate PDFs of your family tree.
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What is GenoPro?

GenoPro is the most intuitive and complete family tree and genogram creation tool.

A genogram is a family tree that includes additional information about the relationships and the individuals. Genograms are used by doctors, family therapists, genealogists, sociologists, social workers, researchers, and anyone who is interested in discovering patterns and issues in a family. Learn more about genograms by clicking here.

GenoPro makes it easy to build simple family trees, but it also allows you to easily and quickly build complex family trees. Not all families are simple.

Sample medical genogram displaying the test results of a virus
Sample medical genogram displaying the test results of a virus


Draw intuitively, quickly, and easily your complete family tree. Add pictures to create a picture album.


View the "big picture" of the family. GenoPro can hold thousands of individual and relations easily. Regardless of how big or complex your family is, GenoPro can help you build the tree.


Generate and print detailed family reports with pictures in the language you want.
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Thanks for the free upgrade. Just wanted to pass on my feedback and let you know that I use Genopro all the time to create professional charts for detailed reports I prepare for Children’s Court investigations and assessments. It has been a first rate product with absolutely no problems or glitches. I am constantly recommending the product to others. Thanks again. Kind Regards

Grant Thomson
Children’s Court investigations and assessments