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Sample HTML Report of Harry PotterHTML Report Generator

With a few mouse clicks, you can generate a detailed HTML report of your entire family tree.  You may choose to generate your report and upload it to your website via the FTP protocol, or choose to publish our website at

Generating my HTML Report

Just click on the "Generate" button Generate Report button  and you will see your report within a few seconds.  GenoPro will generate the HTML pages in your "My Documents" folder, including any picture related to your report.  You may wish to change a few options, such as the destination folder, the data source, the skin (templates) and enable some privacy filtering to remove sensitive data.

HTML Report Generator 

Destination folder for generated report

Enter the name of the folder you want the report generator to write the output files.  The destination folder can be a folder on your hard disk, a folder on a remote machine connected to your network, a floppy disk, a CD-ROM disk (if you have a CD-RW with drive mapping), a directory on the Web accessible via FTP, or your folder's account at


Use the Browse button to locate the folder you want to store the report.  The Browse button can be used to locate a remote machine (computer) on your network.  If you wish to create a folder, simply type the name of the folder and GenoPro will create the folder for you.

Web Publishing

Use this button if you want to publish your genealogy on the Web using your Internet connection.  You may publish to your website using the FTP protocol, or to our website using our built-in publisher protocol.  If you wish to publish via FTP, you may have to request an FTP account from your ISP and setup your firewall to allow data from the FTP port.  Our publisher is firewall-friendly and does not require any knowledge of web hosting.  Visit for step-by-step instructions to publish online.

Report Data Source

The report data source is useful if you want to generate a report on a sub-tree.  Just select the GenoMap (sub-tree) you want to generate your report.  By default, GenoPro generates a report on the entire family tree.

The data source may be a Gedcom file if you wish to convert a Gedcom file to HTML.

Report Skin

A Skin is a template enabling GenoPro to generate a specific type of report.  GenoPro has a few built-in skins to generate different kind of reports.  The most popular type of report is the English Narrative Report.  To view sample of such reports, please visit and you will see plenty.  You may choose another skin if you wish to generate a report writing all the family trees to disk in a metafile format, or a page containing all the comments and notes found in the genealogy tree.

New Skin

GenoPro has a powerful engine to generate HTML reports capable to create any skin you want.  If you are familiar with creating dynamic content using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), you will find this report generator as easy to use and more powerful.  GenoPro has innovative features to make it easy to generate phrases and special HTML content for your reports.

Edit Skin

This button is for editing the selected skin.

Report Log

The Report log displays feedback and errors when generating the report. Here are some example of errors:

  • Unable to write file - Access Denied. This error may occur when generating a report on a remote computer without having the write permission, or the destination file is marked as read-only.
  • Unable to write file - Disk Full.  Yes, it happens!
  • Unable to read picture - File Not Found.  This error may occur if you deleted or move the picture to a different folder.

HTML Options

Generating an HTML report gives you extra options:

HTML Report Generator Options

Resume Report

This option was made to resume an aborted report, typically from an interrupted web connection.  For instance, if you are publishing your report via FTP and loose your internet connection, you may use this option to resume your report.  Next time you will generate your report, GenoPro will upload only the pages not found in the destination report.  This will be much faster than generating a report from scratch.

You don't the option to resume a report if you are publishing your family tree to  Our publisher protocol has built-in recovery feature to resume an aborted report.

Hyperlinks for Images and Attachments

By default, GenoPro will copy all the pictures and attachments to your report.  If you wish to save disk space, you may wish to link to those pictures rather than copying them to your report.  GenoPro recognizes three type of links:

 If you wish to have a report without pictures, simply uncheck this option.  A report without pictures is faster to generate and takes less disk space.  If you want to save disk storage and still keep the pictures, you have the following options:

1. Full Path Link:  A full path is a picture starting with a drive letter (eg: c:\my pictures\pic.jpg).  If you are generating a report for yourself on your computer only, then there is no need to duplicate the pictures located on the same machine.
2. Network Path Link: A network path is a picture starting with a machine name (eg: \\myserver\pictures\pic.jpg) or by a network-mapped drive letter (eg: z:\pictures\pic.jpg).  If you are generating a report for yourself and the server \\myserver is always accessible to you, then the is no need to duplicate the pictures located on the same network.
3. HTTP or FTP URL: Any picture having its name starting by ftp:// or http:// is assumed to be stored on the web.  Such a picture is available from any computer with a connection from the Internet.  If you are generating a report to be published on the web and the pictures are already on a web server, then there is no need to duplicate those pictures again.  On the other hand, if you are generating a report for yourself on your hard disk, you may prefer to duplicate those pictures since pictures stored on disk load much faster than pictures downloaded from the web.

Skin Folder

By default GenoPro will store any user-defined skin into a sub-folder where you have installed GenoPro, typically in path "C:\Program Files\GenoPro\Skins\".  You may specify any other folder if you wish a different location for your custom reports.  If you leave this field blank, GenoPro will automatically use the default path.

Report Privacy

When generating a report, you may choose to exclude sensitive information.  By default, the privacy filter is enabled to remove from your report all living individuals, contact information and all emotional relationships.

You may also exclude specific individuals from your report.  Simply double-click on the individual, select the Family tab, and check the option Make Label / Exclude From Report.


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