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Requesting Academic Evaluation Key

Requesting an academic evaluation key is as easy as requesting a 14-day evaluation key.  All you have to enter is the Referrer ID of your professor, which is usually the email of your professor or the course number.  The benefit is you get a free evaluation key valid for 6 months.

To request your academic key, you must have GenoPro installed on your computer. If you have not installed GenoPro on your machine, click on the following link to download and install GenoPro:

  • When you start GenoPro, you will see the GenoPro Registration wizard.  Select the second option, I want to request a free academic evaluation key, and press the [Next] button.

Registration using the free acadmic evaluation key

  • Enter the Referrer ID supplied by your professor and press the [Next] button. The Referrer ID is usually the email address of your professor, the course number, course name, or a special code for a magazine promotion giving a 180-day evaluation key.

    If you don't have a referrer ID ask your professor to apply to the academic program.  If you enter an invalid Referrer ID, you will receive a free 14-day evaluation key.

Enter the referrer ID supplied by your professor

  • Enter your name, school/college/university, country and email (all field as optional except for the email address - because we send your academic key by email) and press the [Next] button.


  • GenoPro will send your registration key by email. Copy & paste your key and your ready to fully use GenoPro!

Enter your new registration key

  • Press the [Finish] button and you will have a confirmation that your new evaluation key is valid for 180 days.

Free 180 days registration key using the academic program

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