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IndividualIndividual Properties

Use the Member Properties dialog to enter the names, dates, comments and pictures of an individual. You can open the dialog using the property Icon for the property of an individual context menu, double-click on an individual or simply press enter if the individual is selected.

General Properties

The general tab gives you a brief overview of the individual with the most important information: his/her identity.

 Member Properties - General Dialog


The title field is used as a prefix based on the conventional title of the individual. For example, a Doctor will usually have the title Dr. GenoPro include a series of common titles such as (Col, Dr, Duchess, Lady, Lt, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Prof, Rev, Sgt and Sir). If your title is not included in the list, you can type it manually and it will automatically be added in.

First Name

The official first name of the individual. If the individual has made an unofficial name change, it should be entered in the Alternative Names.

Middle Names

The second first name. In some families, children are given many middle names; they can be all entered this field.

Family Name / Maiden Name / Surname

The official last name.

Second Last Name

If a woman decides to take her husband’s name after getting married, as is custom, the husband’s last name should be entered in the Second Last Name. This field could be also used if the individual goes by a last name that is not his/her official name. For example, Reginald Kenneth Dwight goes by the name Elton John.

Name Suffix

The name suffix is added at the end of the displayed name. GenoPro have has list of suffixes (B.Sc., Eng, II, III, JD, Jr, M.Phil, MA, MD, PEng and Ph.D.) If the suffix is not in the list (Example: Louis XIV) you can type it in, and it will automatically be added in.

Nick Name

A familiar or humorous name given to the individual by friends or relatives.

Alternative Name

The alternative name box can be used to store non-official names, for instance an immigrant with an ethnic name that is very hard to pronounce could unofficially call himself Bob, and spend the rest of his life with this name. It is an important fact about the individual, and it should be written in the alternative name.

Full Name

The full name is the concatenation of all names. There is a list of possible concatenations. If none of these seems to be correct, you can type the full name in the textbox. The full name is used in the narrative report for instance.

Display Name

This is the name that will be visually displayed on GenoPro. It should be kept short to avoid having too much information in the global view of your family tree.

You can also select the number of lines on which to display the name. If you display the name vertically, this option is ignored.


Display the primary picture of the individual.

Date of Birth

The official date of birth of the individual. In the situation where the individual is not yet born, this field should be left empty.

Date of Death

Enter a date greater than the date of birth. If you try to enter a date prior to the date of birth, GenoPro will ask you to enter a valid date.

Age at Death

This is an optional text field to specify the age at death. For instance, the birth date and death date can be unknown, but the age could be known. If the date of death is already assigned, the contextual menu will automatically edit the value of the Clear Date field.


This field indicates if the individual had children during his/her life. Even if they are not included in the family tree, this could indicate if the individual has descendants or not. Possible choices are Yes, No and Unknown / Maybe.


  • The individual is a male.
  • The individual is a female.
  • The member is a pet. Some people may want to include their pets in the family tree. A pet is displayed by a diamond.
  • You do not know the gender of the individual. When researching your genealogy, you may have incomplete information about a family.
    Unknown gender is displayed by a question mark (?) if no birth date specified or by the age without a symbol if the birth date is known.

Legend for genders 

Legend for genders

Job Title / Position

Title of the occupation. This value is the same as the first occupation job title.

Company / Employer

The name of the company or the employer for the job. This value is the same as the first occupation company.

Home Phone

Phone number where this contact may be reached at home. This value is the same as the first contact of type "Residence".

Work Phone

Phone number where this contact may be reached at work. This value is the same as the first contact of type "Work Place".


Primary electronic email. This value is the same as the first contact of type "Residence".


Comment fields are present in almost every dialog; you can enter additional general extra information about the individual. This may include important events, achievements, awards, trips, work related stories, family stories, or any pertinent information about the individual.

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