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Hyperlink Internal Hyperlinks

Internal hyperlinks are commonly used in GenoPro to link multiple appearances of a single individual on different GenoMaps.

For easier viewing, large families are often split into smaller branches. Linking these branches together through at least one individual is important to create cohesion within the GenoMaps and to understand how people are related to one another.

Internal hyperlinks allow you to avoid the confusion of having the same person appearing in different GenoMaps as a separate entity. By having a hyperlink on an individual, you avoid duplicating the individual. When internal hyperlinks are used properly, there will always be a single ID for each individual, no matter how many times they appear, and multiple IDs for individuals who share the same name.
Hyperlink of Java to her family
In this example, there is no room to insert Jana's family and ancestors because the genogram focuses on Johns' family.

To create a hyperlink on an individual, right-click on the individual, and select New Hyperlink. You can choose to hyperlink the individual to an existing GenoMap or to a New GenoMap.

In this example, we used a hyperlink on Jana so that she would be "copied" to the Jana Family GenoMap in which we can develop her own genealogy tree.

 Hyperlink of Java in her family
In this GenoMap, you can visualize Jana's entire family. By clicking on Jana, it will link you back to John's family.

In fact, Jana's information is never duplicated, as both symbols refer to the same individual. Therefore, you onlyhave to update an individual's information once when you are using hyperlinks. The only exception to this rule are the display attributes. Each symbol can have its own colors and attributes, for your convenience.

The Hyperlink Ring

Hyperlinks work like a "ring". If you have only two, the navigation will go back and forth every time you click. If you have more than two links, each click will move to the next link in the loop until you get back to the link you originally clicked on.

There is no limit on how many hyperlink an individual can have.

Editing The Hyperlink

If you wish to edit the hyperlink, and use a URL or a filename, double-click on the individual and select the Hyperlink tab.  For more details, visit the page External Hyperlink.

Editing an Hyperlink


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