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Family WizardFamily Wizard

The Family Wizard is an easy way to create a new family and/or add children to an existing family. Here are the combinations for using the Family Wizard.

  • To create a new family, make sure no objects are selected and click on the Family Wizard toolbar button   . This action will bring the Family Wizard dialog to create new parents and children.
  • To add children to an existing marriage, select the marriage object and click on the Family Wizard toolbar button   . GenoPro will find the parents and children of the marriage and display them into the dialog.
  • If you select a male or a female and click on the Family Wizard toolbar button   , the Family Wizard will create a new family for the selected member. This feature can be very handy to create a second spouse or husband.
  • If you select both a male and female, the Family Wizard will create a new marriage linking the two individuals. All you have to do is to add the children (if any).
Tip To select two individuals, hold the Shift key while clicking on the second individual.

Add Children

The Family Wizard allows you to modify the names and dates of the parents.  To add a child, click on the "Add" button. The "New Child" dialog allows you to enter the names of the child, enter the date of birth and select the gender.  Traditionally the child's last name was the father's last name, however you may select the mother's last name, a combination of them or type something else. By default, the child's last name is initially the father's last name for the first new child, then the last name of the last child displayed in the "New Child" dialog.

Family Wizard Dialog

There are no required fields. If you are unsure about information, it is better to write nothing than to write wrong information. Even the sex of a child could be unknown if, for example, we only know the number of children the family has. Pets have been added by popular demand, as they often play an important role in a family.

The date of birth can also be left empty if it is unknown.

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