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Check for GenoPro Updates

First, you need to have GenoPro installed on your computer.  If you have installed GenoPro a while ago, then use the option Check for Updates to determine if there is a newer version of GenoPro available for download.  We encourage you to regularly update GenoPro on your machine.  Updating GenoPro is safe and easy.

GenoPro Menu - Help - Check for Updates

GenoPro will use your Internet connection to fetch a list of updates made since your last update.

Check for update Dialog

Upgrading GenoPro is safe for your data. All GenoPro products honor compatibility with previous versions, so you can always open your old GenoPro documents with the most recent update of GenoPro.

Upgrading GenoPro

Clicking on the button Install GenoPro will automatically download and launch the installer to upgrade GenoPro. If you have any documents opened, then GenoPro will prompt you asking you if you wish to save your work before completing the upgrade process.

GenoPro will download and install the new version

If you get an error upgrading GenoPro, use the direct download link Your computer may use a firewall, proxy, or anti-virus preventing GenoPro to automatically upgrade itself.

GenoPro Installer

You may install multiple versions of GenoPro on your computer by specyfying a different install folder. For instance, if you are upgrading GenoPro, however you wish to keep your old version of GenoPro, just type a different path name as the install Folder.

More help to Install GenoPro.

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