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OccupationIndividual Occupation Properties

Occupation of the individual such as his/her profession, job title, student status or any other information relevant to the work accomplished can be added in the occupation tab dialog.

Occupation properties dialog
Occupation Properties dialog

Occupation Details

Job Title / Profession

Title of the occupation.

Industry Sector

Select the job category from the list of industry sectors.

  • Accommodation & Food Services (hotels, restaurants, bars)
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting (dairy, vegetable, grain, crops, gardening, landscaping, flower production, forestry handling)
  • Culture, Entertainment, Tourism, Sports & Recreation (travel, vacations, film making, theater, musicians)
  • Construction (houses, buildings, bridges, airports, architects & planning)  
  • Educational Services (teaching, training, coaching)
  • Finance & Insurance (banks, money lenders, brokerage, investments, insurance, accounting)
  • Health Care and Social Service (hospitals, doctors, dental, nursing and care facilities, therapy, counseling)
  • Manufacturing & Production (all kinds of products including food, beverages, wood, machinery, industrial supply)
  • Media & Information (newspapers, books, radio, TV, internet, magazines, telephone, telecommunications, advertising, marketing)
  • Mining & Energy (coal, gas, oil exploration, energy production and distribution, atomic energy)
  • Other Services (laundry, hairdresser, religious, housekeeper/maid, non-specific repair service)
  • Professional, Scientific, Technical Services (research & development, consulting, management, legal, security)
  • Public Administration (all levels of government, military, police)
  • Real Estate, Rental & Leasing (including property management)
  • Sales (wholesale, retail, trade, import & export)
  • Transportation & Warehousing (transportation of any goods including postal services - air, rail, subway, ship, truck, bus)

Company / Employer

The name of the company or the employer for the job.

Work Place 

Location where the job took place. How places work in GenoPro

Work Type

Select the individual involvement in the job. The value must be picked from this list:

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Seasonal / Summer Job
  • Temporary Contract
  • Internship
  • Training
  • Charity / Volunteer
  • Other

Start, End Date & Duration

The period during which the person worked or was involved in the job. Specify the start and the end date or the duration, if you do not know when the job started. For instance, you could know that your uncle worked in a mine for ten years, but you are not sure which decade it was.


How and why the job has been been terminated. The possible values are:

  • Still Working
  • End of Contract
  • Quit
  • Resigned
  • Fired
  • Retirement
  • Other


Add any extra information related to this job such as working environment, team, supervisor, etc.

Occupation History

The lower section lists all the occupations or positions held by the individual throughout his/her life.

Occupations can be edited, removed, placed in order and sorted as you wish.

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