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Places Places & Location

A place is a physical location for an event. In GenoPro, places are stored as objects, allowing for the reuse of the same information on multiple records.

You can assign a place of birth, death, funeral, burial, education, occupation, pictures, etc. Re-using the same places shows the relationship between an individual and a place, and it shows how individuals shared the same location during their lives.

Place Dialog  
Place Dialog

Place Name

The title of the name of the place. This value should be as complete as possible because this value will be displayed in the drop-down menu for future selections.

Parent Place

See Hierarchical places  

Place Category

The type of place. Most popular place types have been grouped together for statistics and search purposes. If your type of location is not listed, leave this value blank.

Place Description

Short description of the place.

Street Address, City, Zip / Postal Code, County / Region, State / Province, Country

Physical address of the place. Values that do not apply should be left empty.

Latitude / Longitude

Coordinates of the location. This can be used later for GPS data or map coordinates to obtain precise data about the location of the event.
Web sites like Maporama can provide latitude and longitude data.

Narrative Prefix

This is for report purposes, specify the English prefix (in, at, on) to designate the place.

Hierarchical places (a place within a place)

The place within a place allows you to enter a sub place without copying all the data. This will also allow you search the hierarchical places. Maybe individual A lives in Boston and individual B also lives in the city of Boston, but at a different address. With this function, we can now determine that both live in the same city.

Italic fields are copied from the parent place, so if modifications are applied to the parent place, all lower "children" places will be updated automatically.

This is an example; we do not really recommend to create all levels for a place, but shared information should be organized.

Hierarchical places - Country  
Hierarchical Places - Country

Hierarchical places - State  
Hierarchical Places - State

Hierarchical places - County
Hierarchical Places - County

Hierarchical places - City
Hierarchical Places - City

Local address - City  
Hierarchical Places - Local Address


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