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How to create a second spouse or husband

GenoPro can support an unlimited number of spouses and husbands for each member in the tree. As a convention, the husband is displayed to the left and the spouse is displayed to the right. In the case of multiple spouses or husbands, the nearest marriage is always the first marriage.

The first step is to create the the first couple. In this example the husband has been married multiple times. Select the Husband and use the New Mate button or the Family Wizard button.

Step 1. Select the husband to create second wife  
Step 1. Select the Husband.

If you repeat this step, a second marriage is created, and the second wife appears.
Husband with 2 wife  
Husband with 2 wives

The process can be repeated to add a third wife. Each family can be created individually. You can set the properties for each   marriage.
A husband with multiple spouses  
A Husband with Multiple Spouses

The sample above shows a man who had three mates. The husband had three children with the first wife, then divorced. The husband married the second wife, had one child with her, but no longer lives with her, as he is currently with someone else.

The second sample below is the same scenario as the first sample, except the spouse had three mates. She had three children with her first husband and divorced.  The wife married another man, had one child with him and now lives with someone else. Please notice the oldest child is always at the left most position of the marriage of the parents. In this sample, the "Oldest Brother" is older than the twins and the half sister. The "Half Sister" is the youngest of all the children because she was born during the second marriage.

A wife with multiple husbands  
A Woman with Multiple Husbands

At any time you can select a marriage or use the Family Wizard to edit the name of the parent or adding new childs to an union.

Complex scenarios

The problem arises when both the husband and wife have multiple spouses. This sample is the case where Albert had Claire and Julie as wives and Julie had Bob and Albert as husbands. Julie's first husband was Bob (the nearest marriage) and Albert's first wife was Claire (the nearest marriage).

Sample of an Extended Family Tree
Sample of an Extended Family Tree

The story below can be interpreted as follows. Serge married Christiane and then married Diane (remember, the nearest marriage is always the first marriage).  There is no information about Serge and Christiane's divorce, however we know they had three children, Evelyne, France and Rmy. Diane's first husband was Jean-Claude (the nearest marriage), she had two children with him, Nancy and Martine, and divorced him. Diane married Serge and had two children with him, Jennifer and Stphanie. By reading the age in the squares and circles, we can observe the tree is consistent because the oldest of each family is at the left, followed by the younger siblings. Since we have three marriages, we have three families and therefore three oldest "big sisters", Nancy, Evelyne and Jennifer.

Multiple Marriages for both Parent
Multiple Marriages for Both Parents
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