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Table Layout  Table Layout

The Table Layout displays the content of the entire family tree in a grid format. The Table Layout is useful to  find information, sort data, compile statistics and navigate in a family tree. In addition, the content of the table can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to a spreadsheet or saved to disk.

To quickly open the table layout, use the shortcut Ctrl+T.

Table Layout Preview  
Table Layout Preview

Navigate Back  Navigate Forward Navigate back and forward to a previously visited hyperlink.
Individual Display all individuals in the family tree.
Families Display all families in the family tree.
Unions and Marriages Display all unions and marriages in the family tree.
Twins Display all twins in the family tree.
Emotional relationships Display all emotional relationships in the family tree.
Labels Display all labels in the family tree.
Shapes and Arrow Display all shapes and arrows in the family tree.
Pictures Display all pictures and photos found in the family tree. Click on the View Picture button  View Picture  to display the selected picture.
Places Display all places and locations in the family tree.
Occupancy Display all individuals' occupancy and contact information in the family tree.
Education Display all individuals' educations entry in the family tree.
Occupation Display all individuals' occupation enty in the family tree.
Sources and Citations Display all sources and citations in the family tree.
Bookmarks Display all bookmarks in the family tree.
Table Layout Display all the data in the table. Clicking twice on this button closes the Table Layout dialog.
Search Result Display search results in the table. Clicking twice on this button closes the Table Layout dialog.
Find Find - Searches text in individuals, families, comments and pictures.
Find Again Find Again - Searches for text from the previous search results. Use this button to narrow your search result.
Find More Find More - Searches for text from the document and append the matching results to the previous search results. Duplicates entries are not appended to the list. For instance, say you want to find all the "Morin" and all the individuals named "Daniel", you can do it using the Find More button.
Find Less

Find Less - Searches for text from the document and remove the matching results from the previous search results. For instance, say you want to find all the "Morin" but none having the name "Daniel", you can do it using the Find Less button.

Column Properties

Column Properties - Pick which properties to be displayed in the listing.

Copy Entire Table Copy to clipboard - The content of the entire table is now available to other applications. You can paste the data with Excel, Word, Notepad or any other Windows application. You can also use the right-click of the mouse to copy a single row, a single column or a block of text.
Property of the selected objects Edit the properties of the selected objects.
View Picture View Picture - Display the picture in a floating window. You can resize the window to view the picture in full size. On objects like individual or places it will display the primary picture.
Hide Selected Rows

Hide Selected Rows - Remove the selected rows from the list without deleting any object. This toolbar button is useful you to clear a portion of a previous search result.

Invert Selection

Invert Selection - Quickly toggle which items are selected and which items are not selected. To select the entire search results list, deselect all items and click on the Invert Selection button.

Select Selection

Select Selection - Each time you click on this button, GenoPro scrolls the view (graphical window containing the family tree) to make sure the the selection visible. This button can be very handy to locate one or multiple selected objects in the genogram.
Tip: To save time, you can enable the  Auto Select Objects  which will simulate a click on  Select Selection  each time the selection changes. When you close the dialog, you can restore the scroll position by invoking bookmark #0 (Press the  key 0  ).

Special Feature: Multiple Selection
You may select more than one item in the Table Layout by holding the Control or Shift key while clicking with the mouse. You may also select multiple items by holding the Shift key and using the Up and Down arrows from the keyboard.

Column Properties

In the table layout, you can choose exactly what columns you want to display, and in what order you want them. Click the Column Property button  Column Properties.
Column Property Dialog in Table Layout  
Column Property Dialog in Table Layout

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