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A GenoMap is a segment of your family tree. It's a simple way to divise your family that sometimes can get very clustered.

In GenoPro, family trees can be divided and linked over multiple pages called GenoMaps, within in the same document. GenoMaps are very useful if you have large amounts of information. For example, if your genogram includes multiple families, each family can have its own GenoMap.

By default, a new document provides three GenoMaps (GenoMap1, GenoMap2, GenoMap3). You can rename them by double-clicking on the name or by right-clicking on it, then selecting Rename.

To navigate to another GenoMap, simply click on the GenoMap tabs found in the lower left section.

Use the Tab key to switch between the last two visited GenoMaps.

Creating new GenoMaps

You can create new GenoMaps from the pop-up menu. Right-click on the bar, then select Insert. The position of your mouse on the right-click will determine the position of the GenoMap in the display.

Adding new GenoMaps  
Adding New GenoMaps

You should rename your GenoMaps with a descriptive name, such as the name of the family or the century covered by your family tree.

Another way to create GenoMaps is by moving items to a new GenoMap. Select the individual or individuals you want to move, then right-click to open the pop-up menu. You can move the individual(s) to an existing GenoMap, or to a new GenoMap.

Creating a new GenoMap from selected objects  
Creating a New GenoMap from Selected Objects

Selected item has been move to a new GenoMap  
Selected items have been moved to a new GenoMap

All selected items will be transferred and hyperlinks will be created automatically for you.

You can have up to 1000 GenoMaps per file.

Establishing Order in your GenoMaps

If you have many GenoMaps, it is smartest to sort them in Alphabetical order Sort GenoMap by Name . However, if you have just a few, there may be a specific order of importance or of chronology you would like to establish. To change the order in which a GenoMap tab appears in the bar, right-click on its name and select move left Move Left or move right Move Right  on the pop-up menu.

You can also sort them by size Sort GenoMap by Size, in which case the biggest genogram will appear first.

Listing the GenoMaps

GenoPro offers a detailed list of all GenoMaps to help with the management of GenoMaps for users who have hundreds of them in the same file.

Right-click on any GenoMap and select List...

Listing all GenoMaps in the document  
List of all GenoMaps in the Document

This window displays a global view of all the GenoMaps in the file, allowing the user to rename maps, assign titles and descriptions, and view various statistics of the maps. This list can be sorted by clicking on any column.

Reference Date

You can also set a reference date. By default GenoPro calculate the age of all individual base on the current date, but you can set a past date or any fictionnal date to represent a situation with fix age.

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