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Publishing my report on the Web

HTML reports can be published on the web using your Internet connection.  If you are looking to publish your family tree and pictures on the web, but are somewhat confused about how to get started, GenoPro offers you an easy solution. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can publish your complete family tree to our server  If you have your own website, you can upload your family tree using GenoPro's built-in FTP upload function. 

Publication on our server is much faster than any other hosting because we use compression for uploading and we never re-upload unchanged files.

In the Generate Report dialog,   Generate Report button   click on the Web Publishing... button.

Report Generator - Web Publishing Options  
Report Generator - Web Publishing Options

The following dialog will be displayed, giving you options for uploading your report to the Web.

Before publishing to the Internet, you should first try to publish your report to your hard drive. Simply select the path with the Browse... button.

Web Publishing Options  
Web Publishing Options

The first option allows you to select where you want to publish your report.

Publish to my account at

This option will upload the report to our free server to host your report online.  If you do not have an account, click on the Create Account button and we will send you an email with your password.

Create GenoPro Account

Publish to my website via FTP

If you have your own web server, you can specify this option to upload your report via the FTP protocol. GenoPro do not provide support for FTP accounts.

Web Directory (optional)

The relative path of the upload. Do not enter a full URL, you only need to enter the directory name.

On you will have the URL with your username already, so you can simply enter the name of your most popular individual as a directory. It is an easy way to quickly classify your multiple reports.

On FTP, this will be the sub directory name.

You can leave this field blank also, this will copy your report directly such as,  

Advice: Read tips on how to name your directory.


The username used to connect to the server. If you decide to publish on GenoPro's server, you can create an account or recover your username/password in a few click. Press Create Account and/or Send Password... If you do not remember your username, you can also type your email address.


The password used to make the connection. Typing your password here will save your password as clear text in the connection string history. If you prefer to type your password each time, leave this field empty.

URL Equivalent Web Connection

This is the Web URL that corresponds to your publication settings. With GenoPro, this field cannot be typed, it is a calculated value based on your username and Web directory. Otherwise, you can specify the URL to view your report online.


Password-Protect Publication

By default, all published reports at are public.  If you wish to hide or set a password to your online family tree, then you have to purchase GenoPro.

Step-by-steps instructions to setup a password-protected genealogy report.

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