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Household Household

A household is defined as a group of individuals who live under the same roof. Generally, a household is a nuclear family, but some households also include other relatives such as an aging grand-mother or a cousin in town for college.  

Also, in reconstituted families, some children may live with their mother or their father, and this parent may also be living with a new partner who also has children from a previous marriage. With these families, the household should be defined in the genogram to clarify the situation.  

In a genogram, a household is defined by a dotted line around all the members who belong to one household.

The household is a work in progress feature that allow you to regroup multiple individual with a surrounding area and optionally a background color.

Creating a New Household

To create an household, select all individuals living together and right click to get the contextual menu "New Household" .

Creating a new household


Adding or removing individuals

You can add and removing individual from an existing household by first selecting the household (you should see squarres around the shaped).

Right click on the household line and use the "Include / Exclude from Household" menu.

Excluding indviduals from an existing Household

After select the individual you want to include or exclude, you should see a live preview of the household.
Excluding indviduals from an existing Household

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