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Families Union / Marriages and Families

GenoPro uses word "union" to represent a relation or marriage between two individuals.

To edit the properties of a union object, double-click on the horizontal bar linking the two parents.

Marriage / Union dialog  
Marriage / Union Dialog


The label is displayed in the genealogy tree centered between the two parents. Use this field to put a short description of the relationship (typically the wedding date). Here are a few examples:

  • "m. 1972".   Married in 1972.
  • "m. 1972, s. 1978"   Married in 1972, Separated in 1978.
  • "m. 1972, s. 1978, d. 1981". Married in 1972, Separated in 1978, Divorced in 1981.


Describes the type of relationship between the two individuals. GenoPro define 26 different unions, relations, marriages or cohabitation.

Family Relationships

Family Relationships Legend
Relationship Legend. [How to add a legend]

Family Line

This field is used to display extra information about the family. For example, if we are unsure that all children are listed, this information should be documented.

If specified, a symbol will appear in the lower right section of the union line.

Family line - No more children
No more children
Family line - Possibly more children
Possibly more children
Family line - To be completed
To be completed


  • A union object has two parents only. GenoPro does not enforce this rule, but will display a warning if you attempt to link three parents to the same union object. You will get the warning message "mnage trois"!
  • Always create one union object for each couple involved. Link each child to their respective parents. GenoPro uses those links to determine the siblings, half-siblings, parents and relatives.
  • An adopted child can be attached to more than one union object. Use the "Link As Child" to link the child to the families involved, then change the type of link to adopted child.


Displays the primary picture for the union (if any).


Additional information to be documented about the union.

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