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GenoPro Narrative Report

The Narrative Report is the most comprehensive HTML report available in GenoPro.  This report includes the latest interactive HTML features:

  • GenoPro generates real English phrases making your report easy to read and understand.  This report is also available in other languages.
  • Complete picture album with a slideshow.  All the pictures in your family tree will be included in this report. Optional automatic creation thumbnail images for the web report requires installation of the free Irfanview program.
  • Interactive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) of your family tree.  Each GenoMap is rendered in SVG so you can view your family tree in your web browser.  You may zoom and scroll, and click to view detailed information on each individual.
  • The Narrative Report also creates PDF diagrams of your family tree. Creation of PDF diagrams in the web report is optional and requires installation of free open source Inkscape package to automatically convert SVG diagrams to PDF Format.
  • The Narrative Report includes GeoMapping on Google Maps for locations associated with individuals and families.
  • Interactive timeline of events.
  • Built in interface to publish your HTML report on the web via FTP.  You may host your report at or on your own web server.

Below are two screenshots of the Harry Potter family tree using the Default Theme and the Greenleaf Theme.

Default Theme
Default Theme

Greenleaf Theme
Greenleaf Theme

Timeline of Events

Report Timeline

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