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Summary Summary tab in Family Property

This window displays the most important information of the family.

Family Summary
Family Summary Property


You can change the relation type, it will be the same as displayed in the General tab.

Make Label / Exclude From Report

If this box is checked, it marks the family as a non-real family, and it will not be exported in the report generator.

Permanent ID

Unique ID, used when the object is saved in the XML files or by the report generator.

You can view the Father / Husband information. If there is more than one family, the other mate will be displayed below each individual in the relation.


The lower section is a list of all children of the family.

If the birth date is entered, the child order is automatically determined. If the birth date information is unknown, but the order of the children is known, you can specify it with the [Change Children Order...] button.

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