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Send a File to a user Sending a genealogy file to another user

If you are a student and your teacher has asked you to create a genogram with GenoPro as an assignment, or if you are working collaboratively with other users on a genogram, or if you simply want to share your work with another user, use the Send feature for secure sending and storing of your data.  

To send a file to another user, use the Send command from the File menu.

File Send Menu

In the Send File dialog, enter the email (or username) of the destination recipient you wish to send your GenoPro file.  You need also to provide your own email address and password.  If you do not have a password, the server will create a password for your GenoPro account and send it to your email address.

If you need to send your file to GenoPro for customer support, just enter GenoPro in the To field as displayed in the following screenshot.

 Send File

Dialog to Send a File to a User

When you click on the Send File button, GenoPro will upload your .gno file to the server  The server will store the .gno file into the recipient's inbox, and then send an email message to notify the recipient a new GenoPro file is available.

GenoPro Inbox - View and Download sent files

Downloading the .gno File

If you do not wish to use the GenoPro Inbox, you may download the .gno file directly from the email message.  Each email message contains a link to download the GenoPro file directly.


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