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Individual Birth Properties

Store information on the birth of the individual.

Individual property - Birth Tab  
Example of the Birth Tab for an Individual

Birth information

Date of Birth

The official date of birth of the individual. In the situation where the individual is not yet born, this field should be left empty.

In GenoPro all dates can be partial, if you don't know the day or even the month of the date, you can enter only the year.
Ex.: "Jan 2006" or "2006" is a valid date.

Place of Birth

The place where the birth occurred. The concept of places is pretty general; it can go from the name of the hospital to the name of the country.How places work in GenoPro


The reference where this information has been taken from.How sources work in GenoPro


This field is used to store the name of the doctor or midwife who helped with the baby delivery.

Pregnancy Length

This field illustrates if there was a premature birth or a late birth. This information may be valuable in a medical genogram or if the child dies at an early age.

Blood Type

The individual's blood type. Values can be:  O, O+, O-, A, A+, A-, B, B+, B-, AB, AB+, AB- and Unknown.

Religious Record information  

Ceremony Type

The type of the ceremony is: Baptism, Brith-Milah (circumcision), Christening, Confirmation, None, Other and Unknown.

Baptism: a ceremonial application of water as a rite of initiation or cleansing.

Date of Ceremony

The date on which the ceremony took place.

Place of Ceremony

The physical place where the ceremony occurred. Many family ceremonies can occur at the same place so you can pick the place from the list or create a new one. How places work in GenoPro

Official title & Name

The official person who performed the ceremony for the individual. Official titles in the list are Attorney, Bishop, Canon, Curate, Dean, Doctor, Father, Minister, Notary, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Reverend and Vicar.

Godfather & Godmother

The person who serves as a sponsor for a child at the ceremony. You must create a record for those individuals to have more than just their names in the report.


Reference used for the ceremony information.How sources work in GenoPro


General comments or additional information about the birth of the individual.

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