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Education Individual Education Properties

Education properties allow you to store the education history of the individual. Even failed courses should be indicated, as they could be important in understanding the individual later on.

The Education Dialog 

All the fields in the upper section "Education Details" represent information for a single education entry. The lower section "Education Summary", is the list of all the studies undergone by the individual. You can enter as many entries as you want, there is no limit. If you want to enter pictures or sources information about the education information, click on the [Edit] button.

Education Details

Program / Discipline

The name of the program or the course that was taken.

Institution Name (School / College / University)

The name of the institution.

Education Level

The education level of the program. GenoPro has the following list of possible values: 

  • Elementary (grade 1 to 6)
  • High School (grade 7 to 12)
  • Professional / Technical (equivalent to grade 13)
  • College
  • Undergraduate / Bachelors
  • MBA, Masters
  • Doctorate
  • Ph.D.
  • Post Doctorate


The number of years of education.

Study Place

Indicate the institution where the formation took place. If you do not know all information about the place, you can enter only the name. How places work in GenoPro

Study Type

Indicate the frequency of attendance or studying mode.

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Night Time
  • Distance Education
  • Other


Select the completion status of the course from this list: 

  • failed
  • passed

You can also enter a custom achievement status such as graduated with honors.


Reference used for the education information.How sources work in GenoPro

Start Date, End Date and Duration

States the amount of time used to complete the course. If you do not know the exact start date, you can enter just the year or the duration of the attendance.


Classify of the education ends. Select from the list:

  • Still Attending
  • Completed the course / program
  • Graduated (passed required examinations)
  • Drop Out (abandoned school / institution)
  • Expulsion from school / institution
  • Transfer to another school / institution
  • Other
  • Unknown / Don't Know


Any details about the involvement of the individual in the course or details about the course itself.

Education Summary

Displays the list of all courses taken.

Change the order of the education entries
Change the Order of the Education Entries

In the upper right section, you can change the order of the education entries in the list, or add and remove items from the list.

  • Double click on an empty row to add a new education entry.
  • If you deleted an education entry by error, press the cancel button.

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