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DeathIndividual Death Properties

Information related to a member that is deceased. 

Death properties dialog 


If the individual is still alive, this check box will not be checked and all other boxes will be grayed out. If the individual is dead, a cross (X) will be displayed on the genealogy tree to indicate that the member is dead.

If you   enter a date of death, the age at the time of death will be displayed inside the gender symbol.

Symbol for dead people in a genogram
Death symbol with unknown and known age.

Date of Death

Enter a date greater than the date of birth. If you try to enter a date prior   the date of birth, GenoPro will ask you to enter a valid date.


An optional text field to specify the age at death.   For instance, the birth date and death date can be unknown but the age could be known.   There is no validation over this field; it could include words like "5 months".

Date of Birth

Always read-only, the date of birth is only   a copy of the birth date entry to serve as a reference purpose for calculations.

Place of Death

Refer to the location where the individual actually   died. How places work in GenoPro


Reference where the death information have been taken.   How sources work in GenoPro

Cause of Death

Specify how the individual died. This field is used to generate reports and display statistics about a family.   GenoPro lists a series of possible causes of death.   If the reason is not in the list, you can specify it in the text below.

Possible causes of deathPossible causes of death
  • Natural / Old Age
  • Stroke
  • Hearth Attack
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Other Hearth Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer
  • Nephritis / Kidney Failure
  • Respiratory Problem and/or Pneumonia
  • AIDS / HIV
  • Other Medical Problem
  • Accident / Injury
  • Murder / Assassination
  • War
  • Execution
  • Holocaust
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Suicide
  • Giving Birth
  • Abortion
  • Miscarriage (death of a fetus having less than 28 completed weeks)
  • Stillbirth / At Birth (delivery of a dead fetus at or after 28 completed weeks)
  • Infant (death of a liveborn child during its first year of life)
  • Childhood Disease (child must be younger than the age of 8)
  • Natural Hazards (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Wildfires, Floods, Tsunamis)
  • Unknown / Mystery
  • Other


Date and Time

Date of the funeral.

Funeral Agency

The name of the company that took charge of the funeral.

Place of Funeral

Location where the funeral took place. How places work in GenoPro


Reference used for information on the death.   How sources works in GenoPro

Final Disposition / Burial

Date and Time

Date of the burial.  


Information on the final disposition the individuals remains. Choices are:   Burial, Cremation, Entombment, Body Donation or Body Never Found.


The location where the body or what is remaining of the body or the remains have been placed.How places work in GenoPro


Reference used to find out where the final disposition / burial information have been taken. How sources works in GenoPro


Any important/relevant information relating to the death of the individual. You may enter   a short description of the circumstances surrounding the death or the funerals.

Tip There is a shortcut to mark an individual as being dead from the GenoPro interface without having to open the member property. Select one or many the individuals and press the "X" key on your keyboard. Pressing the key again will mark them alive.

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