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Summary Individual Family & Siblings

Displays a summary of the individual family.

Summary of an individual family

Make Label / Exclude From Report

If this box is checked, the individual will not be considered as a real individual, but as a symbol. Usually, this option is used to create legends.

Permanent ID

You can change the permanent ID of the individual. This permanent ID is automatically assigned when you generate a report or when you export your family data to Gedcom or a text file. Enter a blank value to clear the ID. It is not recommended to change the permanent ID, however you may want to assign your own ID for a specific purpose.

To illustrate the difference between various siblings, GenoPro created a sample genogram:

The current report on John is a fictionnal example of a complex family with many different siblings.

Example of a complex family    John's relative information
Example of a complex family

Father and Mother

The biological father and mother of the individual, and then his/her adoptive parents, if any.
John's parents are André & Hélène and his adoptive parents are Max and Nicole.


Full siblings are children who have the same primary parents. They are considered full siblings even if one has been adopted by another family.
John and Mary are full siblings because they have the same biological parents.

Half Siblings

Half siblings have one common parent. 
John and Mike are half siblings since both have André as common parent. If Mike had been adopted by another family, the situation would have remained unchanged.

Step Siblings

Step-siblings are related by virtue of a parent's marriage to an individual with children from a former marriage or relationship. While there is no relation by blood, there can be strong emotional ties and traditional ties between step siblings, and it is very common to have step siblings living under the same roof.
John and Rebecca are step siblings, they have no parents in common, but John's father married Rebecca's mother.

Other Siblings

Siblings that are not related by blood or by marriage. One example of this is a sibling by adoption.
Maxime is a another sibling to John since John has been adopted by Maxime's parents.


Wife or husband of the individual. They are listed by date of union by default. You may change the order with the Change Mate Order... button.

GenoPro supports homosexuality in its genograms. There are no issues related to mating gays and lesbians together.


The last section is the list of children belonging to the selected individual. By default, children are listed by birth date, but can be shifted in ordered with the Change Children Order... button for maximum flexibility. This is useful in case you do not know the birth date, but you know the order, or if you wish to set an adopted child in the rank he/she was adopted into the family, rather than by birth date.

Family Rank

The family rank is the birth order of the individual in the family. By default, this value is automatically calculated with the date of birth of all children. However, if you don't know the date of birth of some family members you may want to display them in the order they were born without having to specify an unknown birth date. GenoPro does not enforce the child numbers to be consecutive or unique because there are special cases, such as the presence of an adopted child or of a child who died at a very young age who will be given a special number.


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