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Display TabIndividual display properties

In GenoPro, you can modify each individual's display properties with colors and border to suit your needs. Colors are useful for identifying individuals who have something in common (family, household, disease, job, friends, education, behavior, country, etc.).

You can set the display properties for multiple individuals at the same time. Select all individuals in GenoPro and press the [Enter] key or Icon for the property for individuals in the context menu.

Customized the individual display property  
Individual Display Properties

Gender Symbol

If this option is unchecked, the gender symbol will be removed; the name will be displayed with a line connecting it to the genogram. This will also disable all other options linked to the symbol. By default, this option is checked because the gender symbol is important for quick reference in family trees.

Never draw symbol for unknown gender

This option will remove the symbol only for unknown genders. By default, the unknown gender is a "question mark".

Default unknown gender symbol
Default Unknown Gender Symbol

Never draw deceased cross

By default, deceased individuals are displayed with an X across the middle of the symbol. If this option is checked, the X will not be displayed. This could be useful to avoid unnecessary X marks in family trees that go back hundreds of years.

Never display age

This option hides the known age of the individual, rather than displaying it in the middle of the gender symbol.

Never display medical symbol

If checked, the medical symbol choices will be disabled.

Medical symbol possibilities are Carrier, Affected, Affected by Hearsay or Possibly Affected.

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