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Find DialogFind Dialog

GenoPro offers a single interface to perform both simple and complex searches. To open the find dialog, press the find button  Open the Find dialog [Ctrl+F].

Find dialog 


Enter the text you want to find.  If you enter multiple words, GenoPro will find objects matching all words. Words should be separated by a space unless they are usually typed together. 

Search Items

You may select a specific area where you would like to search the text. 

Names & Titles

Search in all names (first names, last names, middle names, nicknames, alternative names), titles and description fields.
Individuals have names, while object like sources have titles.

Other Text Fields

Search in all other text fields information including comments and custom tags.


Search in fields of date type including birth date, date of death and any dates of events.


Search in value found in dropdown list. For example, you may search the industry sector in the occupation tab.

Search Criteria

There are three different search modes in GenoPro:

  • Match exact phrase will search for items in the same order as they are entered. For example, "harry potter" and "potter harry" would not return the same result.
  • Match each word will return more results because each word is searched independently, ignoring the order of the keywords entered in the search box. "harry potter" and "potter harry" would both return the same results.
  • Fuzzy Match will search for similar words.  If you are searching for a name, but are not sure of the exact spelling, then the fuzzy match may be your solution.  For instance, the word "Morin" and "Marin" are 72% similar according to the fuzzy match algorithm.  If you want to broaden the search, decrease the fuzzy match value.

For all search modes, you can apply additional options:

  • Match Whole Word Only searches for occurrences that are whole words and not parts of a larger word. For instance searching for "bill" would not return a individual that is named "billy".
  • Match Case distinguishes text with uppercase, lowercase and accents characters.  If Match Case is unchecked, GenoPro does not distinguish capital letters and accents from the regular characters.
  • Ignore spaces, punctuation and accents allows to find event more result. With this option both "John-Wayne" and "John Wayne" would return the same results, even within the Match exact phrase mode.

Search Within

This section defines the scope of the search:

  • Entire document searches for all items in the document, or searches in a specific GenoMap.
  • Current GenoMap will search only in the current visible GenoMap.
  • Selected objects will search only in the selected objects.
    For instance, if you want to search for an ancestor, you can select an individual, click on the "Select Direct Ancestors" toolbar button Select Direct Ancestors button and then click on the "Find" button  Open the Find dialog [Ctrl+F].
  • Previous search results allow you to refine an already made search. This is quite useful if you need to combine multiple search modes.

Search Result

Allows you to define what to do with the search results.  The most common case is to populate a new list with all matching results. However, you may append or subtract the find results to the previous search results.

Message Log

By selecting various options in the message log, the log will display extra information about the search results, such as where the exact match took place and the summary return the number of items in each type of object found.

Message log result for a search  
Message Log Result for a Search

Search Results Dialog

Search Result 

The Search Results dialog shows all the objects matching the search criteria. In the tool bar, you can select the type of object and view the list below objects matching the search.

Please visit the Table Layout for details on how to navigate through the Search Results.

In the search results, you can perform a search on a specific column.
You can perform search in table layout directly

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