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Print  Print and Print preview

GenoPro can print your family tree or genogram to any printer installed on your computer, from standard formats such as letter (8½" x 11") and A4 (210mm x 297mm), to large posters and plotters.

Printing in GenoProMenu related to Printing in GenoPro

From the File menu, there are 4 actions related to printing:

The Page Setup dialog determines the number of pages to print your family tree.

The Print Setup dialog determines the printer and paper size to be used.

The Print Preview dialog displays a preview of the content that will be printed.

The Print dialog does the actual printing.

Page Setup

The Page Setup dialog is used to specify the number of horizontal and vertical pages on which to print your family tree. By default, GenoPro uses a scaling factor to automatically compute the number of horizontal and vertical pages, and it scales the printout accordingly.

The Page Setup Dialog 

The Print Setup Dialog


Reserved space on the edge of every printed page.  Reducing the margin allows GenoPro to print more information on each page.  The margin is also restricted by the printer hardware. If you specify a value that is lower than your printer's restrictions, GenoPro will adjust this value for you during the impression.

Easy Page Clipping

Reprints a small value of the border information on adjacent pages.  By default, the information reprinted is minimal (1/10th of an inch or
2.54 mm), allowing for a small margin of inaccuracy when using scissors or a paper cutter to create a mosaic. If you have unstable hands for cutting, increase the Page Clipping Threshold to 0.5 and you should have no difficulty creating a mosaic.

Print Options

Preview Print Area

Displays the print area in a light blue color. The Preview Print Area checkbox is a real-time option to visualize the print layout and the printing grid for the sheets of paper. You can enable/disable the View Print Area at any time from the View menu or in the GenoMaps context menu.
Toggle the View Print Area from GenoMap context menu
Toggle the View Print Area from the view menu 

Center Horizontal and Vertical effets on Printing Center Horizontal and Vertical


Center Horizontal and Vertical

If your family tree does not fit on an entire page, you have the option to have the extra space split evenly on the sides and top and bottom.

When GenoPro prints a genogram, the document boundary is calculated by finding the objects found at the furthest point on the left, right, top and bottom. This region is then highlighted in light blue and can be printed to have a centered view of the family tree.
With the View Print Area you can see the exact effect of the centering options. 
Both horizontal and vertical options are checked by default.

Skip Blank Page

Do not print the blank pages. Printing a large genealogy tree may create holes where there is nothing to print within an entire page. Check this option if you do not want to have the header and footer printed on empty pages.
This option is unchecked by default.

Print Header

Print the page number and the position of the page within the mosaic. This feature is useful when printing a genealogy tree on multiple pages. This option is unchecked by default.

Print Footer

Print the file name of the genealogy tree and the printing date.
This option is unchecked by default.

Print Hyperlinks

If checked, hyperlinks in GenoPro will be printed in blue underlined text, otherwise they will be printed in black.
This option is unchecked by default.


Each GenoMap has its own print settings, such as scale and paper orientation (portrait or landscape)
The next three column values (zoom %, number of horizontal and vertical pages) are calculated from each other, so if you specify one of the three values, the others will be automatically updated. This way, the aspect-ratio is always preserved.

By default all printing is set to 100% zoom. This represents a good size to make the text legible for readers. If you want to view a larger format of the tree, you can change the zoom to 150% or 200%. The number of pages and the print area will be updated. You can also specify an exact number of pages, for instance 5 horizontal pages.

You can print up to 150 horizontal pages by 150 vertical pages per GenoMap (22 500 pages).

Print using 8 pages Print Using 8 Pages
Print using 4 pages landscape format
Print Using 4 Pages Landscape Format
TipsIf your text is too small, increase the number of pages.
Leaving the zoom at 100% will ensure all texts are legible.

Print Setup

The Print Setup dialog allows you to select the printer and paper to be used.

The Print Setup Dialog
The Print Setup Dialog

You can select your printer from the list of installed printers. To configure advanced options of the printer, click on the Properties button. This will display printer specific options.

Paper Size

The size of the paper used by the printer. Some printers have many paper sizes (letter, legal...), you can select the paper size you want.

Paper Source

The source is the paper tray that will be used to feed the printer. Auto Select selects the default source, most often the 8½ x 11 paper size.


The orientation in the Print Setup dialog is not used because it is customized according to the GenoMaps in the Page Setup

Print Preview

The Print Preview is an exact preview of what will be printed. It can be opened from the File menu or the Print Preview (Ctrl+W) button. 

You can view all the pages individually by using the Next and Previous Page buttons.

You can zoom in and out to view the details.

The Print Preview Dialog
The Print Preview Dialog

When ready, click the [Print...] button.

Print Dialog

The print dialog is the final step before printing. It can be opened from the File menu or the Print Button (Ctrl+P) print button.

You can modify the printer in this dialog as well. Be aware that changing the printer may affect the page setup if the new selected printer has a different paper size, for instance.

Select the range of the pages to be printed and the number of copies you want of the document.

Print Dialog
Print Dialog

Printing FAQ

How do I print a genogram with a larger font?

You can specify the number of horizontal and vertical pages on which you want to print your genealogy tree. GenoPro will automatically scale the font to the desired layout. To change the number of pages, use the Page Setup dialog from the File menu.

How do I print using a different font?

GenoPro can display your genogram in any font you wish.  If you wish to use a different font to support special characters in your alphabet, you can change the default font in the document property dialog [Menu File - Properties > Font].  Some users have printed their genealogy tree in Chinese and Arabic.

Can I print a selection from a genealogy tree?

You can copy & paste the selection to an empty GenoMap and print it.  If you make a change in a specific location, you can print individual pages. Just do a Print Preview to locate the pages you want to print, and from the Print dialog, specify which pages you want to print.

Can GenoPro print my genealogy tree on a plotter?

Yes. Many users have printed their genealogy trees on plotters.  If you don't have a plotter, you may go to a print shop and use their plotter to print your family tree.  GenoPro recommends using Windows NT\2000\XP\Vista to print a large genealogy tree because Windows 9x has limitations regarding paper size. For instance, a printer/plotter having a 1200 dpi resolution is limited by Windows 9x to paper dimensions of 27 inches (69 cm).


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