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How do I print a poster of my family tree?

You can print your family tree or genogram on any printer supported by Windows. Just select your printer and the paper size from the Print Setup menu.

If you wish to print your family tree or genogram on a single page, just enter 1 as the number of horizontal or vertical pages in the Page Setup dialog and GenoPro will take care of the rest. You may need a magnifying glass if your document is large because the text will be unreadable.

The other alternative is printing a poster.  GenoPro printed several posters from our office directly to the print shop Staples via the Internet.  Our cost was about $20 USD for a 24" x 36" (61 x 91 cm) color poster.  Printing over the web is as easy as printing on a local printer.  You need to download the "web print driver" from the print shop and you pick the paper size you want to print your poster.  You then go to the print shop to pick up your poster (and pay them of course).  Kinkos also offers printing via Internet.

Printing a poster

More information:

Printing at a Printshop using a Metafile

You may export your family tree into a metafile (Menu -> File -> Export -> Export Metafile). A metafile is a vector-based graphic representation of the family tree with a transparent background. A metafile can be scaled (and printed) to any size, without any loss of image quality. Metafiles are much smaller than their bitmap equivalent, so you get the best of both worlds.

Most graphic applications can open and print metafiles. Some software have problems printing metafiles on multiple pages. For instance, if you wish to print a family tree wider than 50 feet (15 meters), the software may run out of memory trying to allocate the memory necessary for such a large printing. GenoPro can handle this, and although still limited in printing, has printed such trees many times.




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