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Label PropertyLabel Property

The label is floating text information in a genogram or a family tree that will display extra information. The colour of the label can be customized.
Example of a label inside a family tree.

In GenoPro, use the Label button Add label button (Shortcut key: L) to create a new label.

Label property dialog. 

Label Text:
The text that will be displayed on the family tree.

Comments / Data Tip:
Extra information that is associated with the label. It will not be visible from the genealogy tree. 

Border Color:
The color of the square around the label text. 

Label price choice

Border Pattern:
Border style that will be around the label.

Label pattern choice

Border Thickness:
The width of the border around the text.

Setting the border thickness to automatic will automatically adjust the thickness to the text size.

Label thickness choice

Text Color:
The color of the text inside the label.

Background Color:
The color that fills the label (inside the square).

Text Size:
The size of the text inside the label. If the border thickness is set to automatic, it will be adjusted to the text size.

Horizontal Alignment:
Horizontal t
ext alignment inside the label border.

Vertical Alignment:
text alignment inside the label border.

Text Padding (pixels):
The distance between the border and the text.

Label padding difference between 5 and 15 pixels.

Examples of a padding with a 5 pixels and a 15 pixels top left alignment.

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