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Tag Definitions

The tag definition window is a documentation dialog that lists the properties of each object class in GenoPro. Mostly used by the report generator or to understand the xml file format, the external API will also be used later for macros and plug-ins.

The Tag Definitions dialog can be opened from the tools menu.   Tag Definition

Tag Definition Dialog

All tabs (Document, Individual, Family, Union...) represent an object type.

Tag Display Name

The friendly descriptive name for the tag.

Tag Permanent Name

The internal name; this is also the property used by the developer in the report generator.

Data Type

The type of information held within the tag. This may be text, numbers, dates and any other type of data found in GenoPro.  
Type tags refer to enumerations, and the list of possible values within the enumeration can be viewed with the tool tip.

Tag Definition Enumeration
Tag Definition Enumeration Viewed with Tool Tip

User Defined

If checked, the value is a new data field created by the user via custom tags or from the import of a file that had information that could not be matched to native GenoPro fields.


If checked, this value will be imported from the saved file. Some values are not imported because they are calculated, such as the family rank of an individual.


If checked, this value will be exported to the saved file. Some values are not exported because they are calculated values. Generally, if a value is not imported, the same value is not exported, but there are some exceptions.


A friendly description to explain the tag's purpose.

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