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bookmarksBookmarks in GenoPro

Bookmarks are a simple mechanism used to quickly navigate in your document from one position or individual to another.

The bookmark toolbar is located in the right section of GenoPro.

Bookmark toolbar default location  
Toolbar Default Location

The 9 first icons Create a new bookmark button [key 1 to 9], are keys used for direct access to the bookmark. In this example, there are only 2 active bookmarks, the other 7 having not yet been assigned (grayed out).

The Navigate to previous location icon Go back to previous bookmark button [key 0] is used to go back to the original location before the bookmark was followed. This key is useful if you press a bookmark by mistake or if you want to go back to your location after consulting or modifying another record.

Creating Bookmarks

To create a bookmark, press  Create a new bookmark button  [CTRL+1 to CTRL+9], and a window will appear to allow you to provide additional specifications for the bookmark.

Create new bookmark dialog
Create New Bookmark Dialog

For each new bookmark created, you can assign a name and a numerical hot key between 1 and 9. 

You may have more than 9 bookmarks, however only 9 can be associated with a hot-key number.
When you name a bookmark, that bookmark will not be deleted unless explicitly specified - even if another bookmark uses the same hot-key.

Bookmark by Position

A bookmark can be set to reference to a specific position in a genomap at a precise zoom. This is useful if you want to remember a global position or a family, for example.

Bookmark by Object

A bookmark by object links directly to the object, not to an x-y position. For example, it links to an individual or a union. With this type of bookmark reference, even if the object is moved, the bookmark will still return to object centered on the screen when recalled.

You can view all your bookmarks in the Table Layout or Display Bookmarks icon View all bookmarks  [Ctrl+B] from the toolbar. 

All bookmarks in the table layout.
All bookmarks in the table layout.

Using a bookmark

To use a bookmark, you just press the Hot key or the Icon  Go to bookmark button. For example, pressing on 1 will send you to your bookmark #1. If the bookmark does not have an assigned hot key, you may click on the bookmark in the grid itself.

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