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PicturesPictures & Photos

GenoPro offers an excellent way to picture your family tree. From individuals, to unions, and from places to sources, every object can store an unlimited number of photos.

This page explains the process of adding pictures on individual properties, but the same information applies for every dialog that contains the Pictures tab.

Adding New Pictures

To Add new pictures click on the Pictures tab.

Picutre Dialog - Add and Edit information  
Picutre Dialog - Add and Edit Information

The lower section contains the list of all the pictures assigned to the individual.
You can edit information directly from the grid. To view the dialog press the Enter... key.

The top section displays general information about the selected picture from the lower section. You can give the picture a descriptive name and post some comments about the photo.

To get more detailed information press the Edit... button or double-click on the row in the lower grid. The Picture properties dialog will appear, providing all fields related to the picture.

Picture Property Dialog
Picture Properties Dialog

Preserve Full Path

This option should be checked if the picture is not in a folder near your document, or else when you move your document, the relative path will no longer work. On the other hand, if all your pictures are in the same folder as your .gno file (or in a subfolder), this option should not be checked so that if you are moving your files, they will still be linked correctly.

Picture Name

Provide a descriptive name for the title.

Picture Date

Provide the date when the picture was taken.


Provide the location where the picture was taken. Just entering the country may be important information. How places work in GenoPro  


Reference of information.How sources works in GenoPro


Any other information related to the picture can be added in this field.

Reusing pictures

If two or more individuals are using the same picture, do not re-enter the information twice, just use the Pick... button in the main Pictures tab, and select the picture you want to assign to the individual.

The list will show you all the pictures in the file, except for those already assigned to the object.

Deleting unused pictures

Since pictures can be re-used by multiple individuals, removing an image from the list will not remove the picture entry. To remove the a picture, use Delete Pictures... from the Table Layout - Delete menu.

Deleting unused pictures  
Deleting Unused Pictures

In this example there are three pictures, the first one is being used by one  individual (Jc Morin). The second is used by both Jc Morin and Josée, while the third picture is not referenced (4th column is empty), signifying that the picture has not been assigned to any individual in the family tree. If the picture is unwanted, you can delete it with the Delete Picture button.


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