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GenoPro Setup

Installing GenoPro is easy, no database or advanced computer knowledge is required.  Here are the easy steps to download and install GenoPro.

1. Downloading file InstallGenoPro.exe

Click on the link  You will see a dialog asking to run or save the file. You are welcome to save the file on your computer if you wish to install GenoPro later, or keep a backup, however we recommend to click on the Run button (your browser may display Open instead of Run). 

GenoPro File Download - Security Warning
For your protection, Internet Explorer displays a security warning when downloading a file from the Internet.  The security warning is a reminder that downloading a file from an un-trusted source can potentially harm your computer.
 Rest assured, GenoPro is safe to install.

Once you have clicked on the Run button, your web browser will stat downloading file InstallGenoPro.exe.  The file InstallGenoPro.exe about 3 MB, so it should take about 5 seconds to download on a modem cable, and perhaps a full minute if you have a dialup Internet connection.

Download in Progress
Download in Progress

After the file has been successfully downloaded, the installation should start.


2. Installing GenoPro

At this point, you have downloaded GenoPro and now ready to install it on your computer.  If you have saved file InstallGenoPro.exe on your disk or received a CD of GenoPro, just double-click on file InstallGenoPro.exe.  You should get the following dialog:

Installation of GenoPro 

a) Click on the button I accept the agreement if you agree with the License Agreement.

b) Click on the Install button.

The installer will copy all the files into your hard disk and create a shortcut in the Start menu, and optionally a shortcut on your desktop.  You can install as many times as you wish; each installation of GenoPro simply updates the necessary files from its previous installation.  There is no danger of loosing your family tree while installing or upgrading, because GenoPro only overwrite the files it has written during a previous installation.

You may have multiple versions of GenoPro installed on the same computer. Just type the folder (path) where you want GenoPro to be installed.

You may get an error while installing if GenoPro is already running on your computer. If this is the case, close all running instances of GenoPro and click on the Retry button.

As a safety measure, Windows does not allow updating an application while running, the same as you do not change a tire while a car is moving.

Retry installing GenoPro.  This is because GenoPro is already running.

If you still get this error after closing all running instances of GenoPro, try rebooting the machine. It is possible an instance of GenoPro may be still be running without being visible on the desktop.

You have now installed GenoPro.  You will see the Registration dialog to optionally request a free evaluation key.  To get started, we invite you to read our introduction Get Started Building My Family Tree.  

Download updated Report Templates

The community is constantly updating reports with new templates that are 100% free on the Report Generator Forum.

GenoPro Installation FAQ

The installation of GenoPro is quite easy.  If you are reading this page, it is likely you have successfully installed GenoPro.

Q: Is there a Macintosh or Linux version of GenoPro?
A: No. GenoPro has chosen to improve its current version on the Windows platform rather than producing multiple versions of GenoPro for multiple operating systems.
Many customer have been able to run GenoPro on Marcintosh and Linux but it's not supported.

Q: On what versions of Windows does GenoPro run?
A: GenoPro has been tested on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Q: What is the minimum hardware to run GenoPro?
A: GenoPro was tested on a 386 with 4 MB of RAM running Windows 95.  Of course, this is not the optimal hardware, but you can build your genealogy tree with such a computer. It is highly recommended to run GenoPro on Windows XP / Windows 7 to edit large genealogy trees.

Q: What are the minimum files required to run GenoPro?
A: You only need one file: GenoPro.exe (8 MB).  For instance, if you want to distribute your genealogy tree on a CD, all you need to put on the CD is GenoPro.exe and your genealogy tree. The installer include sample files and uninstall information that are not required to run GenoPro.

Q: I want to make a CD-ROM with my family tree on it, what should I do?
A: Make sure you copy InstallGenoPro.exe on the CD. 
Tip:  You can generate an HTML report in the same folder as you copied your genealogy tree (.gno file).  The HTML report gives detailed information about each individual and family and does not require GenoPro to view and/or print your family data.

Q: Can I make GenoPro available for download on my web site?
A: Yes. If you have your own downloading site, you are welcome to do so. If you want, you can copy the HTML pages from site and customize them to your liking or translate them to your own language. It is preferable that you link your Web page to to allow people to always download the latest version of GenoPro. If you make a copy of InstallGenoPro.exe to your web site, then you will have to periodically update the file when a newer version is available.

Upgrading GenoPro

GenoPro has a built-in feature to make it easy to upgrade.  Use the "Check for Update" dialog located in the Help menu to determine if there is a newer version available.  Simply click on the "Download" button to download the most recent version of GenoPro. The upgrade is a one-click process and it is 100% safe for all your files, including your .gno files and their pictures.

Q: I created a large family tree. Is is possible that a newer version will overwrite it?
A: Never. The Setup program only upgrades the GenoPro application files.

Q: Will GenoPro or future versions read my family tree created by earlier versions of GenoPro, such as GenoPro 2011, 2007 or GenoPro version 1.x?
A: You bet!  The upgrade to GenoPro will be as easy as any other upgrade of GenoPro.

Uninstalling GenoPro

Q: How do I uninstall GenoPro?
A: You may uninstall GenoPro from the Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Uninstall -> GenoPro -> Remove) or by double-clicking on the file Uninstall.exe located in the folder where you installed GenoPro (typically C:\Program Files\GenoPro\).

Q: Does uninstalling GenoPro delete my genealogy files?
A: No. When you install GenoPro, the installer creates a log of all the files it installed on your machine.  When you uninstall GenoPro, the uninstaller simply opens the log and deletes each file installed by GenoPro, including the shortcuts in the Start menu and Desktop.

Installation Problems

Q: I get a message about a missing MFC42.DLL or (missing MFC42.DLL:6453)
A: Your machine is missing a system library or has an old version. This is a rare case as it happens in less than 1% of all machines. Download and double-click on it. The program InstallMfcDLL.exe will install mfc42.dll and msvcrt.dll into the Windows system directory (folder).

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