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AutoArrangeAutoArrange / Auto Layout

In GenoPro, family trees are displayed as genograms, providing a strong visual aspect for both simple and complex family trees.

The original purpose of the AutoArrange function was to import Gedcom files, but many are now using this function to fix the layout of their genealogy tree. The AutoArrange function creates basic layouts for most combinations of relationships. However, this function must be used with caution, as it may produce overlapping trees and long horizontal lines. 
To use the AutoArrange feature, select the individuals that you want to arrange automatically, and click on the AutoArrange icon  AutoArrange selected objects. GenoPro will attempt to move each individual into a nice layout.

AutoArrange Example

AutoArrange Example

If you need to AutoArrange the entire GenoMap you can select the AutoArrange entire GenoMap icon   AutoArrange Entire GenoMap.

When you use the AutoArrange, remember you can always use the Undo button Undo Button.
If you do not like the generated layout, simply click on the Undo button and create a new layout manually.

Trivial AutoArrange

The Trivial AutoArrange is the default layout mode for huge Gedcom file imports (5000+ individuals). All individuals are aligned alphabetically on the grid with equal spaces between them.

The Trivial AutoArrange is only used in extreme cases when you have thousands of individuals within the same GenoMap, and you really must see them alphabetically because all the individuals are in a jumble (overlapping on top of each other). To perform the trivial AutoArrange, select the menu Tools > Trivial AutoArrange   Trivial AutoArrange.

Sample Trivial AutoArrange  
Family Tree Layout with the Trivial AutoArrange

With the Trivial AutoArrange, the family lines and pedigree links are hidden.  Use the function Move Family to This GenoMap (V) to make appear the family lines and pedigree links.  If you have many individuals (as it is often the case when it is necessary to use the Trivial AutoArrange), we recommend to split your family tree into smaller sub-family trees and link them with hyperlinks.  Each GenoPro document (.gno file) may have up to 1000 GenoMaps.

How To Fix the AutoArrange

To get a nice family tree layout from the Trivial AutoArrange, you select one individual and you move him/her to a new GenoMap.

Move Individual to GenoMap

In this example, we moved Albert Einstein to a new GenoMap.  GenoPro created a new GenoMap from the individual's last name (Einstein).  This way, you may create a sub-family tree for every large family found in your Gedcom file.  Notice GenoPro also move (import) the immediate families, such as the parents and the families where the individual had spouses.  In our example, Albert Einstein was married twice, therefore his two families were also moved with him.

Move Family to This GenoMap

To continue growing Albert's family tree in the GenoMap Einstein, simply select the family you want to import and press the keyboard key V (Move Family to This GenoMap). In this example, we have selected the Albert's first marriage, and this is the result we get after pressing the keyboard key V.

Moving a family tree

Repeat the process with Albert's second marriage and his parents, then click on the AutoArrange button AutoArrange Entire GenoMap and you will get the following result:

Albert Einstein's Partial Family Tree

The process of manually moving a family tree to another GenoMap is quite easy.  You select individuals and families you wish to move and press V a couple of times and then you AutoArrange the result.  Within minutes, you may have a moved a large branch of your family tree away from the Trivial AutoArrange.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AutoArrange function

Q: I clicked on the AutoArrange icon and I am not satisfied with the results. What can I do?
A: Click on the Undo button to revert the action, and select smaller branches to AutoArrange.

Q: I started to use GenoPro with the AutoArrange and it was great. My family tree started to grow, but now I get overlapping individuals when I click on the AutoArrange button. How do I fix this problem?
A: Avoid using the AutoArrange entire GenoMap icon AutoArrange entire GenoMap. Individually select the branches you want to AutoArrange, and click on the AutoArrange icon AutoArrange selected objects. You may have to manually arrange some of the very complex families, as this function is somewhat limited.
You may also want to consider splitting your tree into various GenoMaps. Use the toolbar Toolbar buttons to select branches of a genealogy tree to select a branch of the family tree. Right-click, select "Move to GenoMap" and then "New GenoMap". This action will split the main tree into smaller trees while maintaining the parent-child hierarchy. Click on AutoArrange for a new layout in your new GenoMap.

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