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Custom TagsCustom tags

Custom tags are generic information holders. For instance, you could use a custom tag to hold the number of cars owned by each person in your family tree or genogram. Each custom tag can be renamed and there are no limits to the amount of information provided in each of them. As well, you may create as many custom tags as you wish.  

Each object type (individual, family, picture...) has its own selection of custom tags. For example, you can add a tag to hold information about a person's cars.

Default custom tags tab for individual  
Default Custom Tags Tab for Individuals

By default, there is 5 custom tags created, but you can easily rename them or create new ones for your specific needs.

Menu Tools > Tag Editor   Tag Editor

In this example, we want to add custom information to an individual, so we select the Individual tab.

By editing a few lines, you can modify this generic window into a very customized interface.

Tag editors can be used to modify the generic template.
Tag Editors can be used to modify the generic template.

The top section allows you to create tabs that will be added to your individual properties window. By default there is only one custom tag tab, but you may add as many as you like by adding new layouts.
The lower section holds the custom tags that will be displayed in the selected layout. Again, you can have as many custom tags per layout. If you have more than a dozen, a scrollbar will appear.  

It is generally a good idea to regroup similar information into a separate tab.

If you return to your individual properties, you can visualize the new tags you have just entered.
Example of a tab (Car) with custom tag.
Example of a tab (Car) with custom tags.

After creating a new custom tab, you can enter information that relates to your newly created tags.  

Example of custom tags with information entered
Example of custom tags containing information

The custom tags are only saved to a unique document. So each new document starts again without your tags. Future enterprise versions will offer true multi-user and customization mechanisms to save time.

Deleting a Custom Tag

To completely remove a custom tag (the tag itself and all data associated with the data field), open the Table Layout Table layout button
and right-click on the custom tag column. Select the "Delete custom tag" menu.

Delete a custom tag
Deleting a custom tag from the table layout
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