Medical records custom tags

New in GenoPro 2020 is the Medical History panel. In this new panel you can record many health related historical medical records with some standard information, but GenoPro goes beyond that. You can create your own fields to record the information that you wish.

The GenoPro medical records dialogs allow you to store a variety of information, but we know that we simply can't cover every possible type of information that you may wish to record, so we created the custom tags option to allow you to create your own fields to record your information.

To create your own custom tags, simply go to the Tools menu option and select Tag Editor. GenoPro allows you to create custom tags in many dialogs, but in this case you would be looking for the Medical Record tab.

Medical Records Tag Editor

In the section Dialog Layouts enter the name you wish to appear as a tab in the Medical History panel. Then in the Tags for Dialog Layout create the fields that you wish to show up on the tab you just created.

After clicking OK, you should find your new tab show up in the Medical History panel and you should be able to enter information in the fields you just created.

Custom tag in the Medical Records Dialog

If you wish to learn more about creating custom tags in GenoPro, please follow this link.