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Purchasing GenoPro From The Registration Wizard

You may purchase a permanent registration key directly within GenoPro.  GenoPro displays the Registration Wizard if you do not have a permanent registration key. To purchase GenoPro, you simply select the option I want to purchase a permanent registration key and press the [Next] button.

Purchasing GenoPro from the Registration Wizard is quicker than purchasing online at If you already requested an evaluation key, then GenoPro remembers you name and email address. All you need to provide is your credit card number and you are done. Also, your purchased registration key will be instantly inserted, so you will not have to wait for your email containing your registration key, and then copy & paste your registration key into GenoPro.

You will still receive the same email receipt containing your invoice number, purchase date and registration key as purchasing GenoPro online at

GenoPro Registration - Buy Option

  • Enter your credit card information and press the [Next] button.
    If you wish to purchase GenoPro without a credit card, feel free to purchase online where you may purchase GenoPro with PayPal.

Purchase GenoPro

  • After completing the purchase form, click on the [Next] button, GenoPro will encrypt your credit card number and send it to our secure server which will process your credit card purchase the same as  If your purchase is successful.  If your purchase is successful, you will see the following dialog with your purchased registration key already entered for you.

Purcahse Sucessful

  • Click on the [Finish] button and you are done.  You will never see this registration dialog unless you install GenoPro on a new computer.

Is Purchasing GenoPro Safe?

Many people are concerned about the security of their personal and credit card information on the Internet. Purchasing from an unknown vendor is very risky, but purchasing from a trustworthy merchant on the web is the safest and most secure stage of any portion of a commercial transaction.  Using the internet to make purchases is analogous to online banking to pay bills.  Did you know it is easier for someone to get your credit card information in a store or restaurant by handling/touching your credit card to make a copy of your credit card number.  Using your credit card at a gas station or a restaurant is a greater risk to you of having your credit card number stolen by someone glancing at it, than it is to give your credit card number over the phone or send it by fax, email, or any other non-secure channel. Moreover, each credit card receipt contains your full credit card number, thus making your information at risk when throwing any credit card receipt into a trash/recycle bin.  Intercepting a credit card number on the web via a non-secure connection is not an easy task.  Intercepting a credit card number via a SECURE connection is almost impossible, unless you have dedicated hardware for this task. In other words, there is nothing about the technology of the Internet itself which makes eCommerce any less safe than any other sort of personal credit based commerce.

Your main concern when purchasing online should not be about the credit card transaction, but about the merchant. You should know the merchant/vendor you are purchasing from. Most of the fraud on the Internet originates from purchasing goods or a service and then never receiving it.  Purchasing GenoPro is secure and you are guaranteed delivery. GenoPro uses a secure connection to process your credit card, thus making it impossible to any third party to intercept any of your credit card information. GenoPro went one step further and purchased a digital certificate from Equifax acting as the trusted third party.  In addition, the digital certificate provides protection for all your information sent over the World Wide Web to our site using the strongest currently available encryption technology.

When you purchase GenoPro, your credit card number is validated by your bank.  Purchasing by credit card through an encrypted connection is the most secure method to protect your credit card information. Since GenoPro does not need to remember your credit card number, we do not store your credit card number on disk or any other storage medium. Once you close your browser, your credit card number is erased from memory and it is impossible for GenoPro to know the credit card number used for the transaction (all we have is a transaction number to identify your purchase).

Do I Have to Purchase GenoPro Every Year?

No.  Purchasing GenoPro is a one-time payment.  The registration key you purchase is valid forever and you are welcome to reinstall GenoPro as often as you wish.  We cannot guarantee all future upgrades will be free, however we will maintain a permanent link for you to download and reinstall the version you purchased.

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