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Send a File to a user Backing up a file on GenoPro's server

After putting many hours of work into a genogram, it is recommended to make a back-up of your file in case of a disk failure. GenoPro now offers that option in its newest version. A duplicate copy of your file will be kept on a secure individual storage, serving as a guarantee in the event of loss or damage to the original.  

Online Backup Files Dialog
Online Backup Files Dialog

To save a copy of your genogram, use the Online Backup command from the File menu.

This window will be displayed. Only you will have access to your back-up files, as the file will be protected by a username and password prompt.  

Viewing your Backup Files

Click on menu File - Open Inbox and Online Backups...

Backup your file online to avoid data lost

View files sent, received and backup

From this windows you can double click on a backup to open it or delete backup you don't need by using the [Delete File] button.

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