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Zooming in GenoProZooming

GenoPro offers a unique way to view family trees, allowing you to see both ancestors and descendents at once. GenoPro is like a large drawing board that allows you to insert all your individuals on the same page. As the number of people increases, and as your family tree grows, you will be required to change the zoom size to be able to have a global view or to see the details.

Mouse Wheel.

The best and easiest way to zoom is to use the mouse wheel. Every tick will enlarge or reduce the display by 5% towards your cursor position.

If you feel that your mouse wheel is inverted, go to menu Tools - Options and reverse the mouse wheel.
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Simple Zoom

You can also use the zoom in button Zoom in  (shortcut key: +) and zoom out button Zoom out  (shortcut key: -) to change the zoom by 5% from the middle of your genogram.

Exact Zoom %

If you want to zoom to a precise zoom level, you can select a specific zoom level from the View menu. Select any value from 5% to 1000%

Change the zoom from the View menu 

Change the Zoom from the View menu

Zoom Rectangle

Another way to change the zoom level is to use the rectangular zoom button Zoom Rectangle (shortcut key: Z). This zoom allows you to select a region to display at full application size. To return to your previous zoom level, click on the restore zoom button Restore the previous Zoom (shortcut key: Shift + Z).


If you need to move to another part of your family tree without changing the zoom level, use the mouse wheel click or hold down the Alt key while you move the mouse.
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