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Standard Genogram Format

Download Link: InstallGenoProGenogram.exe (6 MB)

Personal Message from Monica McGoldrick

GenoPro is the best genogram available and we have been using it for the past 8 years. Until now GenoPro is still not available for Macs, however we have had to adjust our Macs to run GenoPro.
I am personally using Parallels to run GenoPro 2018.

Our Mac consultant, Ben Forest, who has been working with us for many years is available to help you with the installation of GenoPro on your Mac. You may contact him at We urge you to invest in this software, as it is the best available and being improved continuously.

Monica McGoldrick
Founder and Director
Multicultural Family Institute

This is a special version of GenoPro designed to create genograms with standard symbols.  This version does not have more features or less features than the version at the home page, however the default settings are preset to create genograms rather than family trees.  If you have already install GenoPro and wish to see the toolbar below, use the Options dialog from the Tools menu and check the option Display Genogram Symbols for Family Relationships.

Genogram Toolbar

Preset Values for InstallGenoProGenogram.exe

Both versions GenoPro and GenoPro Genogram are capable to display identical genograms, however this version has the following settings preset at the installation.  If you have already installed GenoPro, then InstallGenoProGenogram.exe will do nothing; instead, you have to use the Options dialog from the Tools menu and check all the Genogram Options.

Preset Values:

  • Genogram Dialog.  GenoPro has a special tab to create genograms.  This dialog allows the user to enter the sexual orientation and gender identity.  Also, this dialog is a great time saver because nearly all the genogram data is on a single window.
  • Genogram Dates.  GenoPro displays the year of birth to the left and the year of death to the right.
  • Family Relationships.  GenoPro displays a simplified list of family relationships and also the toolbar above.  You need to restart GenoPro to see the changes in the toolbar.
  • When you request an evaluation key using InstallGenoProGenogram.exe, you receive a free 180-day evaluation key instead of a 14-day evaluation key with GenoPro.

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