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GenoPro Copyright

During the past years, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests from authors seeking permission to use graphics from our website for publishing books and other written material.

To make a story short, you have our blessings to use any material from our website.  You also have our blessings to modify any text or graphic as you see fit.  There are no royalties and/or restrictions of any kind to anything you find on the website  Everything at is available for you to use.

You do not need to contact us for permissions to use material from our website.  We appreciate if you purchase GenoPro, however if you wish to write about it, or use any text or graphic, it is all yours and you don't even have to give us credit for anything.  We value freedom of speech, and you have the freedom to write anything (good or bad) without any fear of being sued by us.

Recently, we were contacted by organizations pretending to have money for GenoPro regarding "copyright infringements".  One organization, sent us a check which we ripped off.  The other organization has been begging for our contact address to send us a sum of about $250.  We cannot accept such money because it was collected by coercion.  In both cases, we asked those organizations to return the money to the victims who were threatened to be jailed to pay money to GenoPro which never wanted in the first place.  We value freedom of speech enough to be coherent in our actions by refusing any such money.

Any judge ruling that an individual or organization must pay GenoPro compensation for "copyright infringement" is a crook.  Period!



If you have been a victim of such abuse, please contact us.  We will do our best to contact those organizations and stop this legal plunder.




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