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Version history

List changes in the GenoPro software since 2007.

GenoPro 2011 - 17-Jan-2012

  • Major improvement of the smart stretching of family objects, such as removing overlapping lines and correcting pedigree links of children so they are always displayed under their parents.
  • Added a dedicated tab named Comments to edit long descriptions of Labels and/or Social Entitles.
  • The time delay of the Tooltip / Datatip is proportional to the length of text to display, giving time to the reader to read very long tips.
  • Improved the installer to upgrade GenoPro.
  • Fixed bug where cloning a selection by holding the Ctrl key and dragging the mouse was not working properly.
GenoPro 2011 - 14-Dec-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 25-Mar-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 09-Feb-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 06-Feb-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 01-Feb-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 24-Jan-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 11-Jan-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 09-Jan-2011
GenoPro 2011 - 30-Dec-2010
GenoPro 2011 is officially available.
GenoPro - 29-Dec-2010
GenoPro - 28-Dec-2010
Instantly create a key legend of your family tree / genogram
GenoPro - 07-Dec-2010
GenoPro - 02-Dec-2010
GenoPro - 17-Nov-2010
GenoPro - 11-Nov-2010
Windows 7 compatibility + new genogram options
GenoPro - 26-Oct-2010
GenoPro - 08-Oct-2010
GenoPro - 04-Oct-2010
GenoPro - 30-Sep-2010
GenoPro - 21-Sep-2010
Transgender symbol transparent, default twins color and registration improvement.
GenoPro - 20-Sep-2010
Transparent and Opaque background, twins line and new registration window.
GenoPro - 26-Aug-2010
Text outline performance
GenoPro - 23-Aug-2010
Fix bug color picture loading in black and white, secrets symbols and fit to picture and text
GenoPro - 19-Aug-2010
Bug fix warning date of birth, create PDF and improving text in table layout.
GenoPro - 12-Aug-2010
Pedigree links in table layout
GenoPro - 10-Aug-2010
Immigration and multiple cultures symbols
GenoPro - 12-May-2010
Picas and points as the Paper Dimension
GenoPro - 05-May-2010
Specify Paper Dimension
GenoPro - 12-Apr-2010
Collaboration Module
GenoPro - 17-Feb-2010
Text outline
GenoPro - 26-Jan-2010
Display pictures inside genograms and family trees
GenoPro - 19-Nov-2009
View inbox and backups, new symbols and relationships
GenoPro - 19-Oct-2009
Font Size
GenoPro - 21-Aug-2009
GenoPro - 14-Sep-2008
Minor bug fixes and improvements
GenoPro - 08-May-2008
Misc improvements
GenoPro - 16-Jan-2008
Updates to report generator
GenoPro - 16-Dec-2007
Minor improvements to report generator
GenoPro - 20-Nov-2007
Descendants Report + Phrase Editor
GenoPro - 29-Aug-2007
Translation of calendar in report generator
GenoPro - 24-Aug-2007
Birthday calendar in HTML reports
GenoPro - 26-Jul-2007
GenoPro is available in 20 languages
GenoPro - 25-Jul-2007
Improvement to the translation & bug fixes
GenoPro - 02-Jul-2007
Major improvements to the translation user interface
GenoPro - 26-Jun-2007
Translate (localize) GenoPro in any language
GenoPro - 21-May-2007
Support for Wine (Linux and Macintosh-Intel)
GenoPro - 19-Apr-2007
Genealogy Timeline + misc improvements
GenoPro - 28-Feb-2007
Minor fixes + New Feature: Consolidate objects
GenoPro - 17-Jan-2007
GeoMapping Improvements
GenoPro - 07-Jan-2007
Minor fixes
GenoPro 2.00 - 15-Dec-2006
GenoPro 2007

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