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Options / PreferencesOptions / Preferences

The Options dialog is for setting your global preferences about GenoPro.  Many of those options are there to honor compatibility with previous versions of GenoPro and some options are for disabling new features you may never use.

GenoPro Options

Genogram Options

  • Display Genogram Dialog.  This option displays the Genogram dialog when you double-click on an individual (square or circle) to edit the properties.
    Genogram Dialog
    The Genogram dialog is a window specialized for quickly creating genograms. People creating genograms are mostly interested in the visual display of the "family tree" rather than the data. For instance, people creating genograms do not enter detail information about birth, death, education, occupation, contact or pictures, and therefore do not need all the extra windows for creating their genograms. The Genogram dialog is an attempt to have the genogram information in a single window to save time to the user.  Also, this dialog includes new fields such as Sexual Orientation and Transgender.  The Genogram dialog is redundant because it is mostly a summary of General, Birth and Death windows!
  • Display Genogram Dates.  If you create genograms, you may wish to display the year of birth to the left and the year of death to the right, rather than having them centered.  You may also toggle this option from the Display menu.

    Menu Displaying Genogram Dates

    Genogram Dates
    Depending on your preferences, you may prefer to have the dates aligned left and right, or all of them centered.  Notice the genogram dates are more compact when displaying the year of birth and death simultaneously.  If the option Display Genogram Dates is unchecked, then GenoPro displays the year of death in the following format: "D. YYYY".
  • Display Genogram Symbols for Family Relationships.  The purpose of this option is to reduce the list of Family Relationships so the reader can easily understand a genogram without having to look at a legend Professors teaching the genogram in the classroom may prefer a simpler list of family relationships for themselves and their students.  On the other hand, if you are building a family tree, you may want to have the full list of family relationships to fully document each conjugal relation.  GenoPro will always display the correct family relationship when you open a .gno document, regardless if you selected the short list of family relationships.

    Family Relationships for Genograms
    Family Relationships for Genogram
    All Family Relationships
    All Family Relationships

  • Assume "Married" as the default Family Relationship.  Although changing a family relationship requires only two mouse click, you may want to enable this option if you prefer all new families to appear as married.  If this option is enabled however, we recommend vigilance because you may create new couples and assume they are married while they are not!  Our philosophy at GenoPro is to never create information, and this is why this option is turned off when you install GenoPro.


Memory Monitor

The percentage value represent the amount of memory available to GenoPro for loading pictures.  If you have many pictures and notices GenoPro consumes too much memory, then enter a smaller value and GenoPro will flush from memory some pictures.


Database Storage / Third-Party Storage

Enter the URL where you want to connect to a remote database storage to load store your GenoPro documents.  This feature is still under development, as it is the case of our collaboration module. If you are interested in database storage, please contact us.  We will provide you technical help and source code for your project.




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