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Display SVG Family Tree in Your HTML Report

GenoPro generates rich HTML reports with interactive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).  To view the graphical family tree, you need to install a special software capable to interpret and render SVG graphics within your web browser. Depending on the SVG software installed, you can zoom in and zoom out your family tree, scroll it in all direction and also click on hyperlinks to navigate to another family tree or navigate to an HTML page giving more information about an individual from the report.

To see live HTML reports with interactive SVG, visit

HTML Report hosting a family tree in SVG

HTML Report hosting a family tree in SVG

AdobeIf you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend installing the Adobe SVG Viewer.  You can pick any SVG viewer you wish, however the viewer made by Adobe gives a good performance for displaying large family trees. [Available in many languages]
Here is the direct link to download the actual file in English:


SVG and FireFox

The browser FireFox has a built-in SVG viewer, however may users have reported it is slow when rendering large family trees.  For more information, you are welcome to read the discussion how to display SVG with FireFox.


Configure IIS to handle .svg files

If you are a webmaster and wish to host your own reports.  Here are some tips to get started to Configure IIS to handle .svg files.


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