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How do I cancel my registration key?

You have nothing to do for cancelling your registration of GenoPro.  When your evaluation key expires, GenoPro will be limited to save a maximum of 25 individuals per document.

Please remember you are always able to open and print any family tree, regardless of document size. This is true for the case you have no registration key, or you are using an expired registration key.

Likewise, you do not need a registration key to export your family tree to another data format such as XML, Gedcom, metafile graphic, or copy & paste your family tree to another application such as a word processor or a presentation software.

Finally, you are always welcome to backup your family tree to our secure server, even in the case you have an expired registration key. We know people work hard creating their family trees, and a computer virus or a hard drive failure may result in a complete data loss.

Please rest assured you will not be billed for trying GenoPro. Since we do not collect your credit card number when you request an evaluation key, it is therefore impossible for us to bill you at a later date. We will never bill your credit card in secrecy, as we personally disapprove and criticize businesses doing sneaky billing.

Many users have been contacting GenoPro to 'cancel' their registration key. We hope this page will reassure you about our billing policy and you will not feel the need to call us to 'cancel' your registration of GenoPro.
Again, requesting an evaluation key is entirely free. You will not be billed or harassed for trying GenoPro.

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