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Gedcom 2 Html

With GenoPro, you can easily convert your existing Gedcom file to a simple Html report. There exists two differents ways to perform the conversion.

1 - Direct Conversion

You can convert your Gedcom file to Html in a single step process. Select the menu Tools > GEDCOM to HTML...   Gedcom to HTML conversion   which will bring up the following dialog.

Gedcom to HTML conversion dialog  
Gedcom to HTML conversion dialog

2 - Import and Report Generator

The second alternative is to import your data, and then use the report generator. This method is slightly longer, but it allow you to graphically view your information, possibly detect errors, clean up the information, remove unwanted individuals in the report, etc., and then proceed to the creation of the report.

  • The first step is to import the Gedcom file into GenoPro. To do this you can drag and drop the file into the program or use the File > Open menu with the file type Gedcom (*.ged) selected.
  • The second step is to create the report.

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