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Problem SpotterProblem Spotter

The Problem Spotter is a new feature of GenoPro 2016.  By default, the Problem Spotter runs automatically in the background and finds potential errors in your family tree / genogram.  The Problem Spotter may also be handy to find potential errors in Gedcom files created by other genealogy software's.

Problem Spotter

The Problem Spotter is available from the Tools menu (you may also double-click on the bottom-right icon or press Ctrl+E), you will get the following window:

Problem Spotter Dialog

The potential problems are listed into two categories: Data and Display.

Potential Errors With Data

Data problems are related with the data, typically by analyzing the dates to find potential errors:

  • An individual is older than 120 years and still living typically because you forgot to mark him/her as deceased.  Of course this may not be an error, as some individuals may live older than 120 years, or you are building a family tree of a specie living much longer than humans.  The typical solution to this problem is to mark the individual as deceased by pressing the letter X or using the context menu.
  • An individual died older than 120 years old.  This is very similar as the potential problem above, however the error is typically the date of birth is incorrect or the date of death is incorrect.  The solution is to check both dates and correct the one(s) which is incorrect.
  • An individual died before his/her birth.
  • An individual is not linked to anyone in the family tree.  This happens if you insert an individual in the family tree and he/she is not a parent or a child of anyone.  Of course it may not be an error, but it is usually a sign something is missing in your family tree.
  • Twins should have the same date of birth.
  • Children having the same date of birth should be twins.
  • A child was born within less than 9 month of his older sibling.  Typically, biological children should be born at least 9 months apart. Of course if you are doing the pedigree tree of rabbits, please ignore this problem.
  • A child was born before his/her father or mother was born.
  • A child was born when his father/mother was very young (10 years old).  Of course there are exceptions, however being a father or mother at the age of 10 is quite rare and likely (and preferably) to be an error in the family tree.
  • A child was born after his mother died.
  • A child was born 9 months after his father died.
  • An individual married before his birth or after his death.
  • Pets are always adopted.  By the way, in GenoProX, pets will have their own 'object' and will be treated differently.  In fact, GenoProX will be capable to create genuine animal pedigrees.
  • A family has too many parents.  A family typically has a mother and a father.
  • Children have a family but without parents.
  • Same-sex parents having biological children.  The fix is to change the pedigree link from biological child to adopted child as gay couples cannot produce biological children.
  • There is a duplicate pedigree link.  This means the individual is linked twice as a child or parent to the same family.  This information is redundant; just delete the extra pedigree link.

Potential Errors With Display

Display problems are related to how the individuals and families are displayed in the family tree.  Typical display errors are objects overlapping, or children being displayed incoherently with respect to their date of births.

  • The individuals are overlapping.  Sometimes two individuals of identical gender and size are at the same position in the family tree, making it impossible to visually see them.  The solution is to click on one individual and move him/her around to see if there is nothing else around.  Another solution to find overlapping is to click on the right-most column in the Problem Spotter.  The presence of an icon in the right-most column indicates the 'other' related to the problem.  In the case of overlapping objects, if you click on that icon, GenoPro will select the other object overlapping with the first object.
    Problem Spotter - Select Other Object
  • The families are overlapping.  The horizontal line of each family should not overlap. In the earlier versions of GenoPro, before the auto-stretch, the family lines had to be manually stretched with the mouse, resulting in many overlapping due to user omission.
  • The siblings are displayed in a different order than their date of birth.  In a family tree, the children should be displayed from oldest to youngest, where the oldest child is at the left and youngest at the right.
  • The parent should appear above the family line.  In a family tree, the parents are displayed above their children.
  • The child should appear below the family line.
  • The child appear outside of the family line.  All children should be visually 'connected' to their family line.

In GenoPro 2016, the potential errors listed by the Problem Spotter cannot be ignored which may be annoying to see the same false error again and again. For GenoProX, you will have the option to ignore problem(s) and GenoPro will save them into a 'ignore list' inside the file, so you do not see the false error anymore.

TipYou may run the Problem Spotter on a selection rather than your entire family tree.  Simply select a group of individuals or a branch of your family tree, right-click to get the context menu and select Problem Spotter, or press Ctrl+E.

You may also disable the automatic problem spotter in the Options dialog from the Tools menu.


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