GenoPro Newsletter - February 2011

Dear Firstname,

Firstly may we take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2011 and to thank you for using GenoPro.

For those of you who are not already aware, we have an exciting new version, GenoPro 2011, available as a free upgrade to all current GenoPro license key holders, and available for purchase by other users. Your evaluation key will work with GenoPro 2011.

To upgrade to GenoPro 2011, click on the Help menu and select the menu item Check for Updates. The dialog Check for Updates will display button to automatically download and upgrade your computer to GenoPro 2011.  Upgrading to GenoPro 2011 is safe and easy.  GenoPro 2011 is compatible previous versions, so you can open all your genealogy documents with GenoPro 2011.  If you purchased GenoPro and lost your registration key, please use our wizard to recover your lost registration key.

If you do not have GenoPro installed, just download and install  The installation package is less than 3 MB, so it should take a few seconds to download GenoPro 2011 using a high-speed Internet connection.

What's new in GenoPro 2011?

Some of the highlights in this version are:

GenoPro is being actively maintained and developed to add new features. Later in the year GenoPro will release a 'Collaboration Module' for GenoPro allowing geographically dispersed families and distant relatives to work together via the Internet to create a common shared database of their family history.

The GenoPro web site contains extensive help information for the beginner including video clips for common tasks.  GenoPro is supported by an energetic user forum where help and advice is available, often within hours, either from ourselves or a dedicated world-wide group of experienced GenoPro users.

Best Wishes,

The GenoPro Team

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