About GenoPro

GenoPro is a high-performance genogram creation software available to of all walks of life.

When you open GenoPro for the first time, you are presented with the about Dialog window which allows you to choose if you wish to run GenoPro, either by selecting to purchase a full non expiring user license, enter a license key that you already have, or choosing to request an evaluation key.

GenoPro about window, when not registered.

You are also given the option to request a key if you lost it and to check for and update your installed copy of GenoPro to the latest version.

It is important to note that you may use GenoPro for free without registering it or requesting a key for as long as you wish, however you are limited to 25 individuals per document until you enter a key.

At any point you can reopen the About GenoPro dialog by selecting the "About GenoPro" option from the Help menu.

Requesting or entering a key

After clicking the Purchase or request buttons, you will be presented with the Registration wizard.

GenoPro registration wizard

GenoPro's registration wizard gives you multiple options on how to request a key.

  • Request an evaluation key
  • Request an academic key
  • Purchase a new GenoPro license
  • Purchase a GenoPro upgrade
  • Enter a key that you may have received in an E-mail message

You can learn more about the Registration Wizard and the available options by following this link.

About GenoPro Dialog when registered

When you have entered a valid registration key, or purchased directly from Registration Wizard, the about GenoPro Dialog will display your registration key.

About GenoPro Dialog with registration key

GenoPro's history

GenoPro was created in 1998 launched as a freeware. At that time, the only thing requested from users was for them to send a postcard if they felt that GenoPro was worth the postcard and stamp.

A year later, GenoPro was downloaded 33,000 times solely from Download.com to become the most popular genealogy download of the year, a title it still holds today. However, the cost of hosting GenoPro.com was around $300 a month, plus $2,000 setup fees for software licenses.  A decision was to be made: drop GenoPro and move on to other things, or take GenoPro to new heights in the corporate world.

Having chosen the second option, the next step was to improve GenoPro to make it the leading genealogy tool.  The creation of GenoPro Beta, often called GenoPro 2.0, took over 5 years of development with thousands of testers all around the world. The internal changes to GenoPro were considerable, from Unicode support to GenoMaps, notwithstanding the report generator. Over this time period, GenoPro was redesigned to be the most powerful genealogy software on the market. In late 2006, GenoPro 2007 was finally released, delivering on the promised features and many more. GenoPro wishes to extend many thanks to all the Beta testers for their input over the years.

GenoPro has continued to update and add new features. The latest version of GenoPro is GenoPro 2020. GenoPro 2020 is expected to be the last version of GenoPro before the new release of GenoProX, the next generation of GenoPro filled with tons of new features and a brand new design.