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GenoPro : A practical solution for Genealogists

GenoPro offers you a solution for gathering large amounts of genealogy information in an accessible and easy-to-use format. As a result of using GenoPro, you will have beautiful family trees that contain a tremendous amount of data on each of your ancestors and relatives.

GenoPro is a powerful tool that allows you to record your family history through the lives of each of its members. Narrative reports generated through GenoPro allow you to discover and analyze interesting facts about your family history, such as a naming pattern or significant events like immigration.


GenoPro is a unique genealogy software in that it makes use of the genogram to give life to your family tree. A genogram will not only show you the names of people who belong to your family lineage, but how these relatives relate to each other. For example, a genogram will not only tell you that your uncle George and his wife Anita have two children, but that their youngest child was sent to boarding school, that Uncle George suffered from depression, was an alcoholic, and a philosopher, while Aunt Anita has not spoken to her brother for years, has breast cancer and has a history of being unfaithful. Family history has never been so interesting!

Family wizard

GenoPro is easy for beginners and experienced computer users alike. The Family Wizard will guide you through the creation of nuclear families that are easily linked to the extended family. You will be able to include Uncle Johns tree, even though he has been married and divorced three times, had children with two of his ex-wives, and is now living with his new girlfriend who is pregnant with his child and who also has custody of two children of her current husband from whom she is legally separated! For complex trees such as these, you can create hyperlinks on certain individuals without having to double their identity. GenoPros development team provides ample help in the form of FAQs, a support forum, and online product tutorials so that anyone can conveniently access customer support.


What can you do with all those family photos? GenoPro allows you to insert your grand-mothers fragile childhood photographs, your professional wedding pictures, or digital pictures of your sons recent graduation. Each time a picture has been added to an individual or family property, a red square appears on the genogram for easy viewing.


GenoPro generates detailed reports of the family trees and genograms you have created in the language of your choice. You can share these online with your family, friends or work colleagues.

Gedcom files

If you have already compiled data on a different software, there is no need to start over! GenoPro allows you to import Gedcom data from other genealogy software. Gedcom is a file format that is primarily used for exchanging data between different genealogy databases and programs.

A practical solution

Whether you're a weekend genealogist or a professional researcher, GenoPro can become your most valuable tool in organizing your family data. GenoPro will provide you with comprehensive reports and charts so you can organize and see the progress of your research. The end results will leave no doubt on your mind that GenoPro is an ingenious solution for your genealogy needs.

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